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Monday, June 27, 2011


They call this type of top a sublimation top. I have no clue why. I do know I love the colors even as the fabric fades and pills. And I love the print. And I hate the way my arms show so much. I'm wearing a pair of red/orange high water pants and some gold/orange earrings from AVON. Do you sense a pattern here? I am going to make up some outfits with other jewelry just to be fair. However, I admit I do love the Avon stuff. It wears like iron.

 My shoes are an unknown name brand that I purchased from ebay. I do love to get shoes from ebay if they fit well. I'm lucky that so far most have done pretty well. I am totally a flats person. When I was growing up back in the dark ages the uniform was pencil/straight skirts, sweater sets, and flats. I loved them but I couldn't wait to be old enough to wear heels. Till I had to start wearing heels. Then I discovered that they are really not comfortable. So when flats came back in style I couldn't have been more pleased. Over the many many years of my life I have seen so many styles of shoes as to be mind boggling. The ones that really got to me were the ones with platforms so high they looked like stilts. Think KISS or Elton John. I'm not short but then I wished I were. I had a terrible time walking on heels all of my life. So that is why I love flats.
My lovely Devil Dog, Cheyenne has continued to fill out. But I think she's stopped growing up. Now at about 50 pounds she is quite the lapful.

I have never shared exactly why I began blogging and truthfully my reasons have changed a lot since the beginning. I have 3 blogs. At the time I started them I thought to separate thoughts about different things. I have loved being completely b----y about the things celebs do. I have yet to understand a lot of what I see in photos and read about them. And there are so many out there now that I can't keep up. I try to watch people who have what I consider a lot of talent. There are lots out there. Then there are the  bottle blonds with center parted long straight hair and lots of bikinis in which to flaunt their surgeries. And there are the guys who haven't shaved in a while and whose hair looks like they never combed it. There are the girls who wear jeans so tight everything shows and guys that wear jeans so loose they look like the jeans will fall off at any minute. There are mini skirts and dresses that leave nothing, absolutely nothing, to the imagination. That is fun to say awful things about. There are ?reality shows? that are as real as a cartoon and don't have nearly the plotline. There are actors and actresses in those shows pretending that it is all real life. There are now at least 25 awards shows. I suppose actors need a lot of kudos. This is why I started one of the blogs.

I started the Graceful blog in hopes of learning and sharing tips on how to grow older and not moulder. I really hate that I have lost a few of the things I valued about myself. I need to work on that.

My main blog is just me. Growth, struggles and all.

In the future I'll continue going where the winds of change take me. I am learning so much about the world from some of my blog friends that I couldn't quit now anyway. I have seen more of the world since I've been blogging than my whole life before. And I love it.

Lastly, I believe in being honest. Not lying. And sometimes I worry that my words will hurt someone without my meaning to. I have learned, if nothing else, about the power of the written word.


Taylor said...

I love the uniform of the "dark ages." A cardi, skirt & flats? Yes please. Also I love reality shows and talking as much smack as I can about the "stars." Also also I fully commit to being honest! I don't get people who aren't. It's too hard to lie and bad things happen when you do.

Amber Blue Bird said...

i really do like the print on your top and your arms look fine in the blouse! I wish you would be nicer to yourself :) The written word does hold a lot of power, thats one thing I learned from blogging too

Ofelia said...

Judy, I think that your words are not going to hurt others but maybe help them. Many people go thru similar struggles and writing about your makes your blog, your blog. The more personal a story is the more universal it becomes.

Jen said...

This is exactly why we love you! You are honest and you rarely hold anything back. Keep it up. We love that about you!

Oh, and I have a shirt just like that! Love wearing it in the summer with some cute white shorts ;-)

Happy Tuesday Darling!

p.s. And GREAT comment today ;-)

From Suns To Moons said...

I agree with Amber - you need to cut yourself some slack, because you look great. And you always leave the most thoughtful comments, a clear indication that you actually read my/our posts.

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