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Monday, June 13, 2011

This is my idea of Dressed Up

 I'm still not organized enough to get the tip top of me in the pic with the shoes.

No, I didn't get a haircut. What I did is put the stuff behind the ears. And I would like to know why my makeup looks so much better in the bathroom light.
Cheyenne, alias Devil Dog, alias Hell Hound, alias Calamity Jane, alias Anubis God of the Dead has grown into a beautiful, if over enthusiastic, puppy of 7 months. Her blue eyes look at me with lots of love so I am always sorry if I have to punish her. Look how she has muddied the door. And we have to clean the picture window daily from where she watches the birds and squirrels at the feeder. It reminds me of how we can learn from the animals. To her, everything is new and interesting and she wants to take it all in at once. Like a human child, the world is a place of wonder. What a totally wonderful attitude and I must admit, I would wish to be that way at least part of the time. 
I do own a dress. I haven't needed to wear it but it's there if I need it.

I have a few thoughts to share.

Why do people get into their cars and call someone and then pull out into traffic? I begin to think some
     people can't drive without talking. And it used to be that they couldn't drive without smoking. I guess
     cell phones are the new cigarettes. But then some people do both.
Why do people wait till the groceries have all been rung up before they get out their check books? I
     would think they would know they have to write a check. They could have everything down but the
     amount before the cashier is done.
Why do people drive into a McFast Food  Restaurant and then want to change the menu? That act takes
     forever if the people who work there can even do it. Then it's no longer fast food.
Why do weather people call a hot spell The Dog Days of Summer? The dogs don't like it either.
And now to get nasty--- Why do parents of small children not take them outside at a restaurant when they
     are acting up? Yep, been there. Lately.

I think I have complained enough now and I can get back to business. Today, I'll be going to the dentist and having a root canal and a couple of crowns. The whole business is really a bummer. I saw that you can get a complete set of dentures for under $500 so why is each crown $900. That's just another question there doesn't seem to be an answer for. Anyway at least today I won't be eating all day as usual. I would love to get into the habit of regular meals. I've been really lax. I wonder if that is part of the cause of the size of my waist. Ya think?


Lise Marie said...

I love your hair tucked behind the ears also! And calamity Jane is gorgeous!! But I think you also need another standard :)

I have had a hard time growing my hair out, but it is finally doing something. lol

Jen said...

Ha! You are hillarious!! I have to agree with you 1000% about the... why do people wait till the last minute to pay when they get groceries? It's like they're caught off guard that they even have to pay when when the cashier tells them the total. And then they sit for 5 mintues trying to figure out how they're going to pay... check, cash, credit card, etc. It's like c'mon people, have that sh*t ready!

Amber Blue Bird said...

your shoes are just the cutest thing ever! Oh and I have another rant you could add to your list, why do people leave their carts in the middle of an aisle and then walk off to get say a carton of hello I need to get past you and I cant because your cart which you have abandoned is in my way. So annoying.

Ofelia said...

You shoes are fantastic! I ove how you did your make up and the hair behind the ears do make you look like you had a haircut.
I did enjoyed your list of Whys!

Birdie said...

I think you look lovely! I love the colour you are wearing. :-)

We all need a Devil Dog in our lives. I have a Demon Spawn of a Cat who is hiding right now and even though I have called him he is ignoring me. Bastard.

I don't own a dress.

It is illegal to use a cell phone while driving in my province but people still do it anyway. Selfish jerks.

I love my kids and think they are amazing humans. They are 13 & 15 and they never acted up in public places because all I had to do was give them "the look". Scared straight! ha

Judy C said...

I would love to have had another standard poodle. They are smarter than a lot of people I know. But I don't think there could be another Shadow.

I'm still waiting to see what goes with people who walk down the middle of the aisle in the grocery store. That's like driving down the middle of the street.

Taylor said...

Those shoes are adorable! And I want to see a closeup of your earrings! I LOATHE parents who let their kids scream in a public place. I have two small kids and there have definitely been instances where I have had to take them outside. Brats - the children AND the parents!