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Friday, December 30, 2011

Ah, to be in a warm place

I'm craving a bit of warmth right now.

Saying goodbye to clutter is occupying my mind right now. And then organizing what is left. I have learned a lot this year from the blog and pinterest and just life. I filled my house with things I lost in the divorce. Then when I got something new, the old item was stuck somewhere. There is a treasure trove of stuff stuck somewhere. Free Bird stuck hers in a garage. Mine is all over a 4 bedroom plus bonus room plus double garage. Yep. A real treasure trove. But it isn't a treasure if you won't sell it. So I have figured out that after at least eight years of planning to sell everything and not following through, I am donating my treasure trove either to charity or to the dump if the treasure isn't usable. I won't know what to do with a house full of nothing. But I am looking forward to finding out. As the year wanes, I am filling black bags with stuff I will take to Knoxville Area Rescue Ministries. I will need several weeks to get it all done.

Spring is late March around here. Hopefully I'll be done with donations by then and can do a thorough cleaning of my house at the same time I'll be organizing. There are some truly wonderful blogs and web sites about organization. I am looking forward to using some of their ideas here. One thing I have learned from the blogs is that a picture is worth a thousand words so I am going to photograph my mess before cleaning. Then after pics. Then pics to put on boxes of stored stuff so I'll know what is inside. I love cameras.

I am actually looking forward to the new year and all this work.


ms. devi said...

You are so BRAVE So COURAGEOUS. Take a deep bow. This is such a hard thing to undertake. So hard to let go of things we no longer need ~ either the item or what they have come to represent. I guarantee you will feel so much better, have more clarity and be calmer as well. Do, do take and post photos. They will be good for you and all of us who are too attached to things. Have a healthy, contented New Year filled with all kinds of prosperity.

Lorena said...

Love the attitude Judy !
I wish I could send you a little bit of out summer which has just begun.