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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goings and comings

I am saying goodbye to some not so good habits. I was not aware that as a result of an emotional problem, I react all out of proportion to difficulties. I am saying goodbye to that. It's odd but a short conversation with my long ago former husband got me to thinking about this. When a family member lost a job, I panicked and called him. He said not to worry and that this family member would take care of it. So I didn't worry and it worked out really well. That is a gift from 2011 that I'll take with me. And I will remind myself that worrying doesn't help anything, but it really makes me feel bad.

Another habit I am going to work on is procrastination. I put things off. And off some more. And really off. So this year I finally got up the nerve to deal with some things that I had been putting off. It worked out so well that I'm continuing to deal with more things. By the way, one time I put off getting my oil changed for so long my car engine froze up and I had to spend 5,000 on a new engine. You would think I'd have learned. Well in a way I did. I got my oil changed regularly after that.

I am going to do away with throwing shopping at my dissatisfaction with myself. I have a huge amount of things I never have worn and won't wear. To charity immediately.

The TV is not going to control my life this year. I have discovered Tivo.

I have never planned a menu for a day, let alone a week. This year I am going to try.

I am going to let go of some of my tendency to judge people. I Don't like that about myself.

Coming is more getting out of the house. Yes I have said that before. Damn.


Amber said...

I tend to procrastinate too and am hoping to kick that habit. I do however plan out my menus every week and it totally helps me stay organized and sane. Hope you can start doing that too!

ms. devi said...

Wow! I really admire you and all you are undertaking for the new year. If I may be so bold as to suggest another habit we can both let go of, here it is.

We will not be so harsh and judgemental of ourselves.

Whattya think? xoxox