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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Clearing it up

 I did not make myself clear. I don't think animal prints are bad fashion. I actually like some of them and would wear some if I happened to find them in my size. I have one top that has an animal print mixed with other things and I love it. I do think that some people take the animal print to a ridiculous extreme. I saw, several months ago, Kim K in an animal print jumpsuit with animal print shoes. I have seen leopard dress with different print coat. I understand mixing patterns. I do. But in the case of leopard, etc, mixing two different prints doesn't get it in my book. So I recommend being careful with the use of the animal prints. The pics included here show my version of those prints done in an attractive and fashionable manner. Of all the fashion faux pas I have seen, overdoing anything is perhaps my least favorite. Except when used as costume as do some performers.

One further note, and I'll leave this one. I feel that a careful use of the animal prints can create an illusion of high fashion or even money. That feels good to me.


Ofelia said...

I do like some animal prints and sometimes I mix them with other animals prints just because I think that breaking fashion rules its good for the soul!
However I'm careful not to over do it and end up looking like a cheetah.

Amber said...

I agree! Too much animal print looks ridiculous. I dont really like anything any of the Kardashian girls wear.