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Monday, September 10, 2012

I'd love to keep changing

I'm having the best time with the bubble necklaces. As is my usual habit, I fell in love with them and bought more of them than I needed. I really should stay off ebay. Yeah, right.

Anyway, instead of wearing a scarf, I wear the bubble necklace. And pic number 2 is ample reason why. I am already quite ample in the front. So a nice flat necklace is much more comfortable for me.

I have been talking a bit about my shopping habits. The top I have on in the pics is by Susan Graver and is sold on QVC. It is the slinky knit I love and it came in a set of two with a red tank. As a matter of fact, I liked the set so well I got two more in other color combos. I plan on wearing the tanks in
the winter and pairing them with sweaters
or jackets. They are colors that are not seasonal, red, royal blue, and purple. So I can have a lot of fun with them. I have lots of the slinky pants and they too are fine for me in the winter. I don't get cold easily. That's fine for winter, and a pain in the butt in warm weather.

I love the blogs I have been reading about fashion. There are some really beautiful women out there in blogland. I used to want to look like them. I used to think it was important to have the Chanel, the Coach, etc. Around my area, unless involved in a country club, or supporting some cause, I have no need for those things. So I can enjoy looking at the eye candy from the other blogs and just enjoy. I am not wanting to copy any more. Hence, dark hair and a pic that makes me shudder. I have wiggled every which way trying to find a pose that makes me look thinner. No luck and I give up. I am what I am. But I have found that I can go for the feel of an outfit in a blog. Like combining certain colors. Or certain patterns. Like looking for button down shirts to wear with tanks. And searching for a pair of jeans that are close to my shape. And maybe even dieting. I like to use the fashions I see as a hint but not a road map.

Posing is a pain in the neck. I've decided that part of the problem is that I don't like to look at certain parts of me. Namely from the neck down. However, I am going to continue. I bought a pair of pants on the computer. That can be a problem because I don't look like the model shown. Well, this time, the pics I took told me that they go back. Fast. Never to be considered again. There are just some patterns that scream NO! when I put them on. This was one. So see? I saved some bucks. I have a full length mirror. But for some reason I don't look the same as in a picture. The stark reality of a photo is scary but maybe keeps me from making some mistakes. Hopefully.

I have much more of the shopping stuff to talk about. Don't expect a list of expensive items as I'm too cheap and don't have the money to buy them. I would like to be thought of as looking nice when I go out. Not Elle McPherson nice. Just Judy nice. I have lots more to learn about that. Isn't it nice that one doesn't get too old to learn?


Amber said...

Its so nice to see you smile so bright in a pic. You look so happy and that necklace is a winner in my book. PS we should all strive to look "Judy nice" :)

Elegance Personified said...

That's a beautiful top and necklace. =)

Thanks for following me and stop by when you can. Have a Great Day, Ada. =)

Lorena said...

Hey Judy - your hair is sooo long !! i love the way it looks-
Also, you beat me to the bubble necklaces on ebay - let me know what colors you have and if you are willing to sell them, maybe i can buy one for myself.