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Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm falling for Fall

Ah, Fall. It is officially here. And am I glad. The colors of Fall haven't arrived on our trees yet. At least not much. But of course they've been in the stores for weeks now. I am seeing such beautiful things online. And on the ads I see. 

The colors of nature are wonderful but do not complete the palette that I want. I don't much like the colors being shown by some of the designers. Dark and drab. Dreary. Nondescript. Yucky. But here are shown some of the colors I love. The wonderful oranges, teals, tans, yellows, and even purples. They make my life and my day much more bearable when the weather outside is not so nice. 

The Jacket here is one of the new mustard colors that have been introduced in a lot of stores this year. I like it but when I tried on a plain mustard top I found that it doesn't like me. So I'd love to have a jacket or something to wear the color and to include another color underneath. I'd love to see this jacket over black, teal, or purple. Actually I'd love to see this jacket on me. Soon.

I have canvassed my wardrobe and the boho fashions I drool over on the computer are conspicuously absent from my wardrobe. I have a few tunics but not much in the way of real boho items. That comes from buying things which will go on my body and not from buying things I truly love. Bad. Bad girl.

I have decided that I will do more looking before purchasing. I have learned a lot from the fashion blogs and from the pics I have taken of myself. For instance, I am a changeable person. My mom carried the same handbag till it fell apart. Of course back then there was not the emphasis in "of the moment" that there is now. Anyway, I lose focus easily, and I need change often. Hairstyles are the most difficult for that because of grow out time. But I have a wonderful collection of bags. And I change pretty often. So I think it isn't a surprise that I don't have wardrobe pieces from way back when. Also because of the need for change, I won't spend a huge amount of money for any one item. And folks, boho is not cheap. I went to the Free People website and drooled. That is all I could afford to do.

As summer has waned I have weeded out things from my wearables that I don't like. I started last year and it is a good thing for me to do if I don't try to replace them. I ended up with two tops bought at different stores that were the same color and style. Dumb. I didn't really like either of them but only bought them because they would fit me. Now I want to dress with deliberation. I wear my jewelry. I have enough jewelry for several people. And I so love looking at it. So when I dress for the day, I put on jewelry. My mom was a garage sale person who actually bought clothing with stains on because it was cheap. Maybe I am trying to be a different sort of person. I know that when I put on my nice clothes, jewelry, and makeup, I feel better. Better. I look Judy nice. And that is a good thing because comparing my look to that of others is not good for me.

But looking at beautiful girls and women does help. I am not going to try to emulate a certain outfit. I am learning about forming a look. Senora Allnut, Sheila, Vixen, and others make a look with what they have and with what they are happy with. I love their blogs and have learned so much from them about me. And about what I want and about how I want to look in the mirror. I don't need dresses at this point in my life. I don't find them comfy. I want pants. So I will wear pants. And I will look at all the things I have to make an outfit and go from there. It's really more fun this way.

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Amber said...

yeah the free people line is pretty darn expensive but they do have such awesome clothes. I hope you are able to find a mustard jacket. I think it would look great on you and a teal blouse underneath would be the perfect touch.