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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm just not lovin it

My hair. I'm just not lovin it. It's gotten long and I'm over it. I thought that this time I would be able to do stuff with it since I have a lot more time. It's fine but fairly thick. It's heavy and it falls out of just about any barrette I put into it. I suppose I could use a bunch of product on it but I don't like that either. It must be washed every other day due to oil.

Also, I went through the pics I've taken of myself in the last couple of years. You know, I look better in short hair. I also look better when my hair is a little lighter. I also look better when my makeup is a little darker. I also want to wear some of my killer earrings. Anyway, I am going to the salon today to make an appointment for a good cut. Then I'll get down to thinking about how short I want to go. I've decided I am just never going to be satisfied with looking the same all of the time. So I'll work with that.

 The outfit in this picture is my typical black pants and black sweater/jacket with a top I got at Stein Mart. The top is actually probably a summer top as it has short sleeves. But I love the fact that it's colorful. And I think it makes my yellow bubbles look super.
This is a pic of me with shorter and lighter hair. I think I like it but I want more of a graduated cut with a little less at the bottom. I think.

One other thing I'm interested in is the refashioning of clothes into better looking things. I don't have many things that aren't just fine as they are. But I'd like to find some laces and some other fabrics to upgrade the things I'm not in love with. I figure that if I have them but don't love them, I don't have much to lose.

I've finished Christmas shopping. Now all I need is to wrap and mail the things. I went to our new Publix yesterday and got a couple of things and while I was there I was able to get what I was looking for. So---done. It's a relief to not have to fight the crowds. I'd gotten the grandkid stuff before Thanksgiving just for that reason.

I do plan to go to the mall this week. I need to see people and decorations and hear Christmas music. It jump starts the holiday for me.


Stacey said...

I love the bright top!! I think you look very pretty with both the lighter and the darker - maybe you should do both - get some high and lowlights :)

Lisa said...

I'm with Stacey. I like both hair colors and lengths on you too. You look good both ways! I know I'm more comfortable...and feel more "me" when I have lighter hair though too...even though my natural color is a medium brown (which I've not seen past the roots in at least 20 years-ha). Seems we're both in the process of making hair decisions. I hope yours turns out how you like it.

Jen said...

Finished Xmas shopping?? You go girl! Can you please do mine now!? ;-) Oh, and love the necklace! Amazing how accessories can just make the entire outfit. Lookin' good girl, Lookin' good!

Oh, and screw what people on pinterest said, you're so much more fabulous then them!