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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's in the bag

Sometimes I think I should have known then. I purchased this Sharif bag from HSN about 3 years ago thinking I like the fringe and the combination of leather and fabric. It was a tad off center in the fashion climate of East Tennessee. And God forbid that I should look like the other women in my area.

I should have realized that I was headed in a certain direction with my interest in fashion. Toward the boho look. And maybe toward a non-boho look that is just my own. The purchase was made at a time when I was totally into bags and thought the bag would define me to those who saw me. I supposed that just because I noticed that sort of stuff in others, they would see it in me.

Alas, not so. I got some compliments on some of my bags. This one, I actually never carried because when it came I already had one I liked better. So now it goes on eBay.
I found this bag with the peace symbol stitched onto it at TJ Maxx. It's by le Sac. I paid $69. And it was actually an accident that I found it. You see, I'd gotten some new bags at Charming Charlie's and didn't think I needed another. But I happened to walk down that aisle. And now I also believe in love at first sight. I actually gasped when I saw it because it is so me. Leather and everything. I took it as a sign that I'm on the right path.

After I got the bag into the cart, I found 2 pairs of shoes and a bathrobe. I hadn't been to Maxx in 2 or 3 years. I've already been back. But I don't go down the handbag aisle.

The next bag is my hippie dippy bag from Charming Charlie's. I was so tickled to see it that I snapped it up immediately. I'm following the boho boards on Pinterest. I've seen several of the gorgeous bags on those boards and I wanted one for my use. This is perfect except for one small problem.
It is not the big expensive boho bag that I crave. It has some trimmings on it but the more expensive ones are done in such a way that it would be difficult to make by hand. I mean the ones with the kilim rug patterns or the Southwestern ones.

Another boho style offering is the handmade and hand embellished bags. Those are my absolute to die for favorites. I've had a little work with crochet but I don't want a bag that is all crochet. I have finally decided to try to do something similar to the last 2 bags myself. I have tons of beads. I will try to thrift some things with lace on them that I can use. I'm going to hit the fabric
store for trimmings. The fabric stores also often have small bits of leftover fabrics that could be added. I think that having to purchase all of that stuff will probably make any bag I produce quite expensive. But to me it will be more valued because I had put a lot of work into it.

The bottom bag seems to be a conglomeration of yarns, trims, strips of fabrics such as t shirts. I will probably wait on that till I've had time to collect things. Garage sales next Spring will help. I have also
decided not to try going from scratch. There are a lot of totes and bags like that on Craigslist. I think I can use something like that if it's in decent shape and just sew embellishments onto it. That way I already have handles. Also I saw on You Tube how a girl took apart old handbags and reused things, handles, hardware, zippers, pockets, and even leather. That is the sort of reuse I am hoping I can achieve.

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