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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm a little bit boho

This bag totally rocks. This bag would become a treasured piece in my wardrobe for the rest of my life. And I'm going to try to create a bag with the same or similar feeling using yarns, some tweed stuff, jewels, etc. I have many bags that I love but that is necessary for me because I don't like wearing/carrying the same thing for a long time. I'm maybe a little ADD. I believe I have said that before.

I was in therapy for 3.5 years and during that time I began to see myself in different ways. I did some of what I called "Costume Therapy". There were certain clothes I had that just made me happy and made me feel sexy. Now I'm over 80 pounds heavier. I've discovered my style. And "Costume Therapy" actually makes more sense to me. So when I say I'm a little bit boho I mean that when I get dressed I'm going to wear a little bit of boho. If you look at the designs seen on the runways, in magazines, on the blogs, and on Pinterest, you will see that boho is ethnic prints, headbands, crochet, lots of jewelry(usually silver), either boots or barefoot, long hair, outdoor shots, and finally, skinny girls. I love ethnic prints. I love jewelry(gold). I don't do headbands, boots, long hair and I'm definitely not skinny.
I do like to be fairly simple in my clothing. The layering thing is sort of good for those of us who tend to be warm most of the time. The long hair can be pretty good for some of us. I find boots cumbersome. Barefoot is great in the summer. There is no way I'd wear a headband. And crochet is simply wonderful but there isn't much out there for super size women. And on top of that bohemian is an anti thing. A true bohemian wouldn't be caught dead following the crowd.

That brings me to my other 80%. The simple part of me. I love, love
beautiful jewelry. I love, love shiny
 sparkly jewelry. I hate wearing a ton of jewelry. According to the times I was learning about fashion, you get dressed, add your accessories, and then take one thing off so as not to overdo. Ha. Now I see that things are the opposite. More is more.

The gorgeous white-haired lady with the gorgeous standard poodle fits my idea of less is more. She has some edgy things like the leggings and the tunic. She has bracelets on one arm and a fantastic pair of earrings. To me she looks fabulous. Really truly fabulous. Of course I'd love to have that waist and also the dog. But the whole thing is actually 80%simple and 20%boho. Now see what I mean?

I have been collecting clothing that I am drawn to when I shop and that has some boho vibe to it. Crochet, unusual or ethnic prints, tunic shapes, and just about anything purple. I love the western jewelry even though it's silver. And I'd love to have a squash blossom necklace. But my 80% says that would be all I need to make an outfit pop. I'm totally in love with the idea of having things that are bold enough and unusual enough to stand on their own. Statement necklaces have a bit of that but I am not stopping there. I'll talk more about jewelry in the future. I have some definite ideas on the subject. For now, I'm going to have to go out into the rain to a meeting. And I hope you all have a fabulous day.

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Mary Walker Designs said...

The bag is awesome it's got to be a tie between the texture and the color.