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Monday, November 26, 2012

I'm still loving bubbles

 I'm seeing more and more scarves on the blogs I follow. And I follow a ton of them. I'm glad to have the bubble necklaces to add color to the neckline instead of the scarves. I've already stated that for the most part I would feel confined if I had a big scarf on. Claustrophobic. And the outfit in the left pic wouldn't need a scarf. I'm wearing a simple black slinky T and black pants with a floral cardi from Kohl's. I love the cardi because it is so soft and not wooly feeling. I think the turquoise adds enough pop.
 The sweater in this photo is also from Kohl's. I think they have as good a section for plus sizes as any department store in my area. This sweater wasn't on sale but was still reasonable and I wore my new orange mocs with it. It's not strictly orange but a combo of colors that looks orange from a distance. It's very lightweight and comfy for me when I'm at home.
I found the top in this pic at Stein Mart. They have some fine sales and it's too big but I got it anyway. I'll take it up sometime. I love the colors and the print. At first I was afraid that the print would overwhelm the necklace. But those bubbles are a strong statement.. I'm very glad I got too excited about the necklaces. I have 5 of them and I wear them a lot.

I'm in the market for a little bit darker makeup. I love the way this one feels and how it goes on. My skin is several colors and in order to get one makeup I'll probably have to mix two colors. I hate trying to find makeup and lipstick that works for me. Without any testers in the drugstore, I find it's so much guesswork. But I can't afford to go to the nicer stores to try on their makeup. The last time I did I ended up with a $45 bottle of makeup base and the season changed so it only worked for a couple of weeks. I used to lighten up a lot in the Winter but I don't any more. I've seen lots of makeup blogs and I'd love to make use of the expertise but I just can't seem to get everything just right.

I'm almost done with the Christmas shopping. I'm not going to be around my kids at all this Christmas so I'll be mailing stuff. I went before Thanksgiving. I didn't have the nerve to fight the crowds. I read that there were fights and people were injured in the rush on Black Friday. I'm probably going to finish Wed. of this week and have the stuff sent by the weekend. As soon as that's done I can relax and not worry about anything else.

When I was growing up we really didn't have much in the way of Christmas traditions. Mom cooked and I opened gifts. I'm an only child so it wasn't really any big deal. And unless Georgia Tech was playing football, Dad watched very little tv. We listened to Christmas music sometimes. When the kids were young I loved Christmas because their faces when they say their gifts were luminous. I have always loved the Christmas Carol movies, the cartoons, and reading The Night Before Christmas. White Christmases are really really rare here. I remember one. Just one.

Thanksgiving was hard for me this year. The diabetes thing made it hard to face a complete dinner. We were invited to honey's Mom's for the meal and I just couldn't go. I couldn't have the things I loved to eat at Thanksgiving. I don't mean I sulked or anything. I stayed home, watched tv, and played on the computer while honey went to his Mom's. And it was fine. But I am actually looking forward to Christmas Dinner. I'm having crab legs, shrimp, and scallops. Now that's a new tradition I can get behind.


Amber said...

your necklaces do the same job a scarf would without feeling like your being strangled which is how I feel sometimes when I tie a scarf around my neck. I didnt hit up the stores on Friday either. There isnt a sale out there that would be good enough to get me to deal with those crazy crowds.

Birdie said...

I am almost finished my Christmas shopping too. (Whoppeee!) So far I have done it all online. I usually try to have it all finished by December 1 but I might go a little over this year.

Stacey said...

your make-up is very nice in that picture. I really like the menu for Christmas :) Jealous you are done almost done with your shopping :)

Lisa said...

Your necklaces are great! I bought two of these off of ebay at really good prices (a minty turquoise and a coral tangerine color). I love them, but really haven't worn them much yet. When I first got them I was so excited and wanted to get many more colors. You've done a nice job of putting them with just the right outfits.
I'm the same as you on foundations. I buy Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Make-Up because my skin is SO dry and this seems to be lighter and more moisturizing that most others I've tried. But I mix colors too. When it goes into fall/winter I'll mix one of my lighter shades in with a darker one I was using for summer.