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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Make it mine.

Make it mine. I want to take things that I like the shape of or the color of and add to or shift things to make them mine. The blouse on the left works for me as a one of a kind item and I could take two fabrics and a different pattern and make it work very well. I've gotten some things from thrift stores and ebay that I'm excited about till I try to wear them. OK. So now I'll try to find ways to use them as maybe a basis to make something entirely new.

In some ways I'm not a big fan of mixing patterns. I know that there are a lot of young girls out there that swear by it but I'm conservative when it comes to that. I have no problem with bright colors. I have no problem with highly patterned items in my wardrobe. Bit I prefer to wear them with solids. The picture at left is a combo I couldn't enjoy wearing.
 I see that it's really simple to add decoration to some items. I could see using leather, sequins, pretty fabrics, or trims and ribbons as in the pic. The neckline is also different from the average sweatshirt. The cuffs also. I think all of these items would be used to change the shirt. What if you used some cool fabric on the pocket and on the neckline. Or as arm patches. It would totally change the look.
 If I remember correctly, the dresses at right were designed by a designer from one of the Nordic countries. There have been some beautiful items produced by the designers there. I could see the items shown done in totally different fabrics and they would look nothing like what is there now. I envision a mix of Pucci style prints with matching colors. Or a sort of color blocking. It would be fascinating.
 I think pretty embroidery is a wonderful way to add my own stamp to things. On the dresses above, with the right material, embroidery could be used between layers and on the seams. It would completely change them.
And I would love to have some laces to add to those pieces. Beading and lace ate two things I'm crazy about. What fun I could have if I could ever get my butt in gear.

I am old enough to not be comfortable following the crowd in a lot of the trends. I'm old enough to know that some things that might look fine on someone else would be ludicrous on me. I won't be wearing tights, especially patterned ones. My legs look fine in pants. NO skinny jeans for me, or jeggings. In a lot of cases I don't think they are attractive. I like a nice smooth line, without horizontal creases. I'm not a boot person. I love to go barefoot. To me a jean jacket goes with jeans, not poofy skirts. These are my preferences. I've worked hard during the last few years to find a look I like. I have found several. So I will be the person I decide to be every day. No blind following of trends. I just want to look good when I put my glasses on.


Ofelia said...

I would wear all of those patterns at once if I could!
I understand that mixing pattens is not your thing and I think that is a good thing to know what we like and what clothing makes us feel comfortable.

Lisa said...

Some good ideas for alterations, Judy. I agree. We have to dress to suit our own style and what makes us happy. I'm still becoming aware of what that is. Blogging has helped me, but it's always trial and error for me. There are what I consider hits...and there are horrible misses. haha I try not to take it too seriously and just have fun with the process.