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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Is anybody out there?

Just try staying home with only yourself for company for a few days and you can completely lose track of the world. Of course there is the TV. Now my world expands to cover the whole Gulf of Mexico, Most of Texas and wherever the new VP candidate is trying to sound intelligent. Whoopee! I am truly enlightened.

Of course there are other ways to see what is out there. There is always the discover channels, the green channels, the decorating channels, the cooking channels, and, of course, reruns of crime scene shows. So now I know that a lot of people are killers and they WILL get caught. Some stay home and cook and redecorate. Some are learning to save the planet and others want to know what is here to save.

Ok. There is a lot of room on the TV channels for really interesting and informative info. Like what a Gekko thinks about insurance, Glade candles are from France or at least lying to friends is OK. One poor guy on an insurance commercial is going to die when he gets home for forgetting to tell the missus about the boat, motorcycle and rv. It seems to be OK to throw stuff out of windows if you're mad, no matter what you hit. You can add two hours to your life by taking medicine. Some idiot is releasing baloons to celebrate birth control. And of course there are the paid ad shows which fix the body, the face, walking, cleaning and just about everything you want to cook.

So there are no reasons to go outside my house. The whole world is going to come to me through the power of the satellite. I feel so much better I just might stay home forever.

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