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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today I had the pleasure

Today I had the pleasure of talking to my daughter several times. Hurrah for cell phones. I can reach my kids at the drop of a hat. That is if they answer. I remember that it used to cost so much for a long distance call that I rarely made them. How much nicer it would have been to call MOM and say HI and not have to cram a month's worth of stuff into 10 minutes. I can now consult on the haircut my daughter will get and Mom just had to comment on pictures when I could afford to get them printed and mailed. What a wonderful change for families. Especially now when many families must move across the country for jobs or retirement or whatever, what a blessing it is to be able to just converse with loved ones. How wonderful!

Today is also a banner day. I didn't have to go to work. Darn I like that. I feel as if I have been let out of prison.

What's with the gas here? Where it is available, it is 50 cents per gallon more expensive than anywhere else in the Southeast. Think price gouging. Think go elsewhere for gas when I find out who started the trend.

The weather couldn't be better here. The days are balmy and the nights are cool. So super to walk outside and not have to take a shower when I come back in. Maybe that is partly responsible for the boost in energy I have felt also. Anything is more fun for me when I'm not sweating.

I would love to say something wise and deep today but --- oh well!

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