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Sunday, September 21, 2008

To add to the day's joy

I miss having a schedule to keep. If you are reading my blogs, you can tell.

I am going to go to an art gallery tomorrow. I am always inspired by beautiful things, workmanship, color, artistry, etc. There are so many beautiful things in nature that I am also adding a trip to the woods to my list of things to do. A running brook usually has lovely colored rocks and silvery fish and ripples of color running right through it. There are always gorgeous colors in the bark of different trees, the leaves, the flowers on the roadside, and even on the strata of the rocks of the hillsides. The clouds and sky colors inspire a huge AHHHHHHH! My honey calls me a tree hugger and I guess I must be cause I have actually hugged a tree. I am impressed with the different shapes and sounds of the forest and with the calm that lives there. When my life is not calm enough, the woods are a comfort. So too is an art gallery to me. Therefore I must say there are two kinds of galleries, indoor ones and outdoor ones. Hurray for both.

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