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Monday, September 15, 2008

What's really important

My son. His car, that he has enjoyed and worked on and loved was damaged in a crash and what is important to me is not the car but the love he put into it and the fact that he is unhappy. Fortunately he was just banged up a bit. But I spoke with him and he sounds so darn sad. As a MOM I know that there are things I would really miss. And I know about cars that I missed when they went away. Old Rusty was the family car for so many years and boy did we put the memories into that ride. However, mourning for the car was my son't because he had known no other car but that one. It is truly important to have things to be interested in and the automobile certainly fills the bill for a lot of men. Then there are the Steelers. But that is another story.

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