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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The colors of the earth and sky are absolutely amazing. Spring is coming soon and there will be a burst of color everywhere. But I am impressed by the number of colors there are on a tree trunk, on a rock in the mountains, in a gray sky. I really haven't ever been a fan of grey because it reminds me of an overcast day. I appreciated that when I lived in Florida and there never was a sunless day. But here in Tennessee, I find that color is enhanced by sun and shadow. I have found lichen, mushrooms, and a host of things I can't name by looking closely at the wonderful forest floor. And the colors enhanced by the flowing water in the mountains is stupendous. Rocks definitely are not the same colors when dry.

I am in love with pearls, especially the peacock ones. It seems you can look at one all day and always find different colors in it. There are precious and semi-precious stones which change colors according to the light available. There are a myriad of colors reflected from a crystal, a diamond, moissanite, and many other stones. Rainbows of colors are all around us. When we look at a leaf there are at least 2 colors and often many more on each one. And that doesn't count when leaves change for winter. Colors of flowers often slide from one to another in the same flower. Some of the colors on the feathers of birds are different in different lights. Fish have all sorts of colors in their scales and some invertebrate sea creatures can change color on a whim as can some land animals. I change color when embarassed. And of course I change my hair color when I get into the mood. Make up changes the colors I present to the world as do my clothes. The lake changes color after a hard rain. Deep water is a darker color than shallow when viewed from above. Some of the most beautiful colors in the world are the everyday wear of countless creatures. If I were able to describe what this gives me in a few words I would try. But I can't.

Man has taken this penchant for coloring our world and run with it. Look at the wonderful and colorful fabrics of India, Africa, The Orient, and the Fashion Designers. I love to look at the Style website just to see the colors in the new fashions and how the colors are used. By combining colors, striking garments can be forever entertaining for the wearer and the viewer. Add color in jewelry and accessories and the effect is often even finer.

And now for the artist. This person perceives the colors of the world in his own way and can open up a whole new viewpoint for the rest of us. The best part is that if you set 5 artists side by side and asked all of them to reproduce an object or scene, there would be 5 signature ways the scene or piece is reproduced. There would be colors that are not immediately noticed by me but which are decidedly there when the art work is examined. There would be shapes and movement in the work no matter what the original looks like. There would be a unique point of view and a unique color palette for each artist. Thank God that is true. Because by looking through the eyes of the artists I am able to see the world in new ways. I am really impressed by the things I see with my own viewpoint. I am totally astonished when viewing the artwork of another and get another look at the world. Color is the thing which moves me the most. Some others like style, intricacy, viewpoint, different ideas. But set me in front of a profusion of color and I can stare at it for hours. The best color is one which takes my attention, holds it, and allows me to relax around it. And these wonderful colors are everywhere.

I have looked at several of the posts in this blogsite. The languages are often illegible to me and sometimes even to my computer. But one thing I have found is that there are many people around the globe who love color as much as I do. I am grateful for that because they enlarge my world!

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