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Thursday, February 19, 2009

So many muses, so little time

I follow a significant number of blogs on this blogspot and I follow a large number of art sites on my bookmark settings. I want to be a wonderful artist and every day I see a new IDEA that I would like to use in my work. But I don't seem to spend enough time actually working. The totally wonderful work I see on the computer is a really difficult standard to work toward and I must continually tell myself that I can't expect myself to be perfect. I totally enjoy the process and I am only hindered at this juncture by some outside problems which get in the way of the thought processes. For instance. I have a Standard Poodle named Shadow who is pictured on the blog. She is my 4th daughter after Christy, Cathy, and Paula, and she is totally precious to me. Right now she is 12 years old and as bouncy as a baby. However she has a tumor which is being removed today and since she has some other health problems, she may not make it through the surgery. I am so worried. I feel as if she is sometimes my best friend. So relaxing enough to get creative is difficult now. I pray that she is OK. I know a lot about losing precious loved ones and I really don't need more practice. If you read this, please keep us in your thoughts.

Back to the wonderful artists I have viewed. I am of course learning from them and have found that sometimes I just need to look at their work to feel better. The daily blogs and the web sites they maintain are as much a part of this beautiful world as are the trees and streams I so love. Beauty is everywhere and nowhere more so than in the creative spirits of these artists. For them, I am grateful.

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