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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I am a parent

This is a pic of my daughter and granddaughter. Marlee, the granddaughter, turned 2 today. I often get memories of the time my children were small. At the time I didn't think there could be anything better than being a Mother. And I still don't. I think I have been the most fortunate of mothers in the world. There were some things that didn't go well for me or for the kids when they were young. But I now lay claim to the most wonderful kids in the world. My oldest daughter has a talent for cooking that has led her to become a chef. She can put foods together that make me drool and she can make them beautiful. She has never considered herself artistic but that is just wrong. Ask anyone who doesn't have that talent and they will tell you.

My wonderful son married the prettiest, smartest, and nicest girl in the world. And they are happy after 14(I think) years with the 4 year old Emma Rose and the almost 2 Anabelle. Their children are such their own people, they have taken the best from both parents. They are a beautiful family.

Cathy and Eric, my youngest daughter and really cute son-in-law are the parents of Marlee and soon Kingston. My youngest daughter has managed to be one of the prettiest and nicest people ever and is terrifically pragmatic and level-headed. Her husband is the only laid back type A personality I've ever met. A terrific family.

If I ever considered myself anything less than an artist I certainly know better now. I have not formed these wonderful people but I did contribute to them. I helped them learn lots of things about life both directly and indirectly. I loved them to distraction and I still do. Creativity is making something, helping to make something, teaching something, showing something, etc. I am creative and I am an artist.

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