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Sunday, June 14, 2009

More hair.

I seem to not be clear. Which is like me because I have tried to do too much lately. I am trying to attach wool, alpaca, etc. Basically any hair I can get. I got a pelt of auburn animal hair that feels like wool. I cut some off, put glue on the head, stuck the hair down and now I am going to take it off if I can because it looks like a mess. Either I am using the wrong technique or the wrong glue or the wrong amount of hair or something. It makes me want to take a class but there aren't any around here. It is just bugging me. I'm sure I will figure something out. Don't want to waste a lot of hair getting there. Unfortunately the books I have don't say much and there aren't any good pics. I will keep trying. The Ice Queen was good enough to notice my plight and answer. But again, I wasn't clear. No human hair. Don't have enough to use when I cut my own hair.

Hands and feet solved. I need to make mittens and boots. Joke!


The Ice Queen said...

Judy, there is a great tutorial around here somewhere on wigging. I will look for it. Basically, the glue the lady uses is FabriTac, as opposed to white glue. I remember sending her an e-mail about the type of glue and her responding so I should be able to locate it fairly easily. There are lots of different ways to wig a doll and I'm sure they all work for some people. Watching the video tutorials is quite helpful. I'll go search...


The Ice Queen said...

ok... Here's the link to the tutorial. You have to cut and paste it into your browser.

There is another tutorial at'll have to search around for it on that site. It shows a slightly different technique.



The Ice Queen said...

Mmmm....that link isn't working but here's her blogspot...

she also has a website. I'll try and get a good link for the tutorial to you as it is not on her website.

and the tutorial at CDM is in the May archive.


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Judy. there is a link on my blog for hair.
I'll go find it and get back to you

nikkinikkinikki72 said...
This tutorial is working on a doll with quite a big hole in here head.
But when i made my wizard i put a little hole in his head with the end of an average baintbrush.
I then made lots of little sections of hair like what is showing on this tutorial. I used pva glue to bunch them together but keeping the glue bit nice and flat so it would sit flat on the head.
I then started to attach each bit from the nape of the neck working upwards untl i go to the hole.
Then i made a bunch of hair again glued at the end and opushed it into the hol so it would fall well over the rest of the hair.
Have you ever seen how ladies have hair extensions done or how afro hair has extensions sewns in or glued.
Its just like that and you work from the bottom up. The hair falls in a natural way like this.
My friend has afro hair and her mum starts it from the nape and twists her real hair and then attaches new hair to the real hair in tiny little bunches right the way to the top of the head. It takes her hours but i think dolls would be much the same sort of thing.
Hope the tutorial is useful for you.
Nikki x

Creager Studios said...

Hi Judy...

I already answered some of your questions that you posed on my Blog...but I will add here...
Don't use real hair on your small pets hair... those folicals are just not thin enough for small dolls...would look terribly out of place and heavy. Also you don't need to make an actual wig (off the doll) ...unless you wish it to look like a wig. I always approached applying hair on a doll ... as how would real hair come from the human head....basically I apply in very small sections..starting at the nap of the neck...also study how hair lays on your head...there is a pattern to each head...sides grow differently from back, top from sides etc... so if you apply hair to a doll, as it would grow out from a human will give you a much more natural look. PLUS...and this is a biggie... don't style as you apply...apply it all first (let it DRY) and apply about 3 lengths longer than needed. Basically you will be cutting and styling your dolls hair as you would a human. And if applied in the correct directions...this process will be simple and easy to follow each and every time....just think HUMAN hair styles... I have even been know to go and watch 'hair cuts' to see how they section and can learn a lot...


Nicky CC said...

Hi there Judy,
There are so many ways to wig so if one way doesn't work then always try another, one major rule with wigging is less hair less glue, the least you can use of both the better. Any questions or help you need just shout :) We all work by trial and error, somedays errors occur and cause trials, but other days trials turn into our very own Eureka! :) good luck with it all!