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Friday, June 19, 2009


One of my best friends had surgery yesterday. Her name is Shadow and she is my 12 year old standard Poodle. She is the most loving and nicest person I have known in years. She never gets angry and has the patience of Job. And I love her. Glory be, she made it through the surgery. There was a question since she has very low platelets. She is resting at the hospital today and I will pick her up tomorrow. That is good news number one.

Good news number 2 is the fact that I can breathe. I never knew how very much I appreciate air till I started swimming for exercise. I joined the YMCA and started swimming Monday. I have not exercised for about 20 years. I have, however, eaten as if I were exercising for the last 20 years. My body is totally out of control. And I am trying to get it back. So the down and back in the pool has a reason. Back in the day I could actually swim 1500 yards and not think much about it. Ha! I am swimming 450 now with large amounts of gasping in between. I have a back problem and decided that running, etc, is not for me. I figured that with all of the blubber I have I would float. And I do. But floating is just not enough. I actually have to move some things to get through the water. So I did.

A huge surprise was that I went to swim very early in the morning, feeling very virtuous and lo and behold, there were already people there. Virtue is not going to work as a reason to continue. And then I got the truly wonderful benefit. I had not thought that I would feel better for a while. Amazingly, I already have more energy and more breath. Woopee!!!!! I came home and worked in the studio. Now I'm ready to clean it again and continue. Amazing!!!

I have taken the wonderful advice to heart when it comes to hair for my dolls. I'm going to get Fabri Tac and work on hair. I am getting more and more interested in the personalities of the dolls themselves. I had been looking at making the dolls as a great way to have something to do. I have read lots of books and learned a lot of stuff. But now I am thinking more about who the dolls are and what they need to look like they have a reason to be. Some dolls are just beautiful. I can't do beautiful yet but I am beginning to understant about the stories that go with the dolls. What a new thing for me. How super it is to be able to make up stories. And it does make me want to work some more on the dolls.

I am just tickled to be around to do the things I am doing. And more than grateful for the support I get.

Good day to everyone. Judy

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Tabitha Corsica said...

it's a funny thing about dolls...they seem to know who they are before you do. I have tremendous respect for doll crafters of any sort. Stanley sat in a box for 13 yrs becasue I didn't know what to do with him. (actaully I not sure I do even now..) I wanted him to be an old dude on a park bench but Stanley, apparently, always wanted to be a wizard! Who knew?! Best wishes on your journey.