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Monday, May 23, 2011

Hello everyone

I have been tired the last week. Aching tired. I've been doing water exercises at therapy and they have the pool at 94 degrees. That is so warm it wears me out to be in it. But I do need to improve my stamina and I'm working on the back and knee problems. The top pic is how I would love to look. But the second is how I feel like I look. In addition to the problem of water that is too warm for me, I have gotten a haircut. I'm sure I have make clear previously the problem a bad hair day presents for me. Well, I had decided to grow out my hair but I wanted it layered in the back so it didn't hang funny. The first haircut had grown out some and I wanted more layering in the back. Now I love my stylist. I mean she is sweet, pretty, and talented. But somehow the wires got crossed and I am shorn. Really shorn. I really really really don't like it. I was already not liking the color and now the cut. I am ready to start wearing hats and I don't like them either.

Now to continue the complaints, I just am beside myself with anger at my sugar addictions and cravings. I don't seem to get through the day without wanting sweets. I know I am the only one who can handle the situation and turn it around. But I find myself eating sweets and hardly being aware of it. I think a good portion of my eating is sort of below the radar. I am now angry at myself because of it. So maybe I can use that to force a change. Hope so.

Devil Dog continues to be interesting. She has developed a love for carpet. Eating it that is. I got some nasty tasting spray at Petsmart. Yeah, right. She seems not to even notice. I know she is a chewer. So I'm in the market for other ideas. I got a bunch of rawhides. And I'm going to look for things that she can chew safely. I've never had a dog like this. My poodle was so smart if I said don't, she didn't. This one remembers don't about 3 seconds and then back to the carpet.

 I'm trying to increase the amount of activity I do every day. I have always been a low energy person. I'm hoping to build stamina more quickly than I have been. There are so many things I want to do. I need energy!!!!!!!!!


Amber Blue Bird said...

94 degrees is really warm. I can see why you are tired after exercising in that. Props to you for keeping with an exercise program, that is something I always intend to do and then just never do it.

Lesa said...

Hi Judy, I never know which blog to reply to, but thanks for your opinions on jeans and dresses. I am letting the jeans go until the holes get too big and then they will mysteriously disappear. I had a huge "discussion" with one of my kids over wearing them to a college orientation, I won that one...

Not doing so well with the prom dresses, but I know their colors so I may just sneak over to Dillards and see if I can find something they may like, and take them back.

Ofelia said...

Hi judy, I'm glad that you are back and that you are doing well despise some physical limitations!

paula devi said...

Hi Judy dear, I'm glad we're both back. I'm glad you wrote about your lack of energy and water exercise. I've also been told to do water exercise in the pool for my knees, back and stamina. What exercises do you do? I have no idea what to do & to make it even harder, I don't know how to swim.
Maybe we can be pool and sugar craving buddies. What do you think? I've been working on my sugar/bad carbs cravings and am making some progress.
Judy, please, please DO NOT BE ANGRY AT YOURSELF. Anger at ourselves is self-sabotage. You know what, be as kind to yourself about this effort you are putting forth to help yourself as you would be to someone else. I'm cheering you & me on.