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Monday, May 2, 2011

OOTD for retired person at home

Turquoise--- is there any color more versatile? I haven't found a color it doesn't look good with. Anyway, I have not got a lot of short sleeved summery shirts. And I don't have a lot of money. Fixed income  you know. And I do have a lot of black. and I have always loved black and turquoise. Evidently Avon does too so they have several turquoise pieces now and some are with black. The earrings I'm wearing are Avon. I usually don't wear much silver but the offerings right now at Avon are so pretty I couldn't pass them up.

Today I heard about bin Laden. I am usually a total wimp when it comes to condemning someone to death. I think as a mother I could totally go after anyone who hurts my kids even though they are grown and gone. But I really believe myself to be a peaceful person. Except that, given the opportunity, I would have cheerfully ended his atrocities.

The weather here continues to waver. Yesterday B and I went to his mom's house to see the damage caused by the hailstorm that hit here. She has vinyl siding. There were holes all over the house. The hailstones had hit inside her gutters and there were nubs where it was dented from the inside. And luckily the window screens kept her windows from being broken. Many a car in this area is dented all over. I am grateful that our hail was a lot smaller. And that we didn't have a tornado here. I'm really proud of the way many people are pulling together to help those made homeless or with lots of damage.

I continue to be really grateful for the generosity of the bloggers.


Amber Blue Bird said...

your earrings are great, they really pop! I cant believe the hail was that bad, I hope your friend's home gets repaired soon.

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Taylor said...

Loving those earrings! Having to stop myself lately from buying more turquoise jewelry because I love it so much.

Lorena said...

I totally agree.
Turquoise looks good with any color and looks good on any complexion.
I like the earrings and the fact that you are UP again!