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Friday, May 6, 2011


I was about to make a huge mistake. After my knee surgery I had decided I didn't need to go to physical therapy. I went after my previous knee surgery and at that time I did have the spinal stenosis but the therapy didn't seem to do much. So I was not going back. But... and this is a big BUT, I was in such pain and it was getting worse. So I took the doctor's advice and called for an appt. I had seen the therapist work at another place and he seemed to know what he was doing. Also, he had his own therapy center and the doctor who did the surgery highly recommended it. So on Thursday I went.

I don't know how any 2 initial visits to a therapy center could be more different. This time the therapist, a really good one, was thorough in his evaluation of my problems and immediately came up with some good things to do about them. One thing he said was that my kneecap had become loosened and was migrating to the left causing all sorts of havoc with the other structures of the knee. It made the knee swell a lot, causing pain. It made me walk differently than usual causing the back to hurt and more pain in the knee. He applied tape in a certain way to keep the kneecap where it is supposed to be and lo and behold this morning, my knee is less swollen and less painful. I think it feels better than it has since the surgery. Of course, I will continue to monitor the progress. Monday I am to take a water exercise class at the therapy center. And I am looking forward to it. I feel as if things are finally on the right track.

And to think I almost made the mistake of thinking that all therapy folks would do the same things. That would have been a big mistake.


Amber Blue Bird said...

i am so glad that therapy is helping with the pain. Thankfully you gave it a second shot :) Have a grand weekend!

Ofelia said...

Judy I'm glad that the therapy is working for you.
Happy mothers day to you and to your love ones.