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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

 I bought a top from QVC on sale and when it arrived I fell in love. It has an embroidered yoke and is in the colors I love the very best. There is purple, lavender, green, pink, all on a black background. And it is so comfortable. The price was better because it was on sale. But I'd have wanted it anyway. You know how when you see something that rings your chimes, it's hard to say know? Well this one rang chimes, bells, and even drums. I'm so glad I got it.

This pic is of me wearing another top that I didn't expect to love. It may have been pictured before but the color wasn't on my color chart so here it is, again. I found that even if a color isn't considered right for a complexion, sometimes makeup can make it better. There is gold stitching on this top and that makes it feel sort of ethnic to me. Like maybe from India or something. Actually it's from JC Penney. But I do associate this pink with the beautiful fabrics from India.

Yellow. Sometimes I have a problem with yellow. Of all of the colors I purchase, it seems yellow is the most likely to fade or to pick up another color from the wash. But not this shirt. I use those color catchers with all my clothes but this is the first yellow to beat the fade. And I know it wasn't expensive, wherever the heck I bought it. It's bright, bright yellow and on a gray day or on a down day, it helps.

One interesting thing I have learned about a picture window is that I'm not the only one who loves it. The birds and squirrels have been using the feeders a lot. And Cheyenne loves to look out the window and watch them. Or plan her attack. In short, I have to clean the window a lot because there are 2 levels of nose prints. One is where she is standing on all 4's and the other is higher where she puts her front feet on the window sill. And another thing I have learned. If you use enough spit and push, this toy will stick to the window. It really is sticking to the window. Not resting on the sill. Neat, Huh?

My life in a nutshell. Let the dog out. Let the dog in. Let the dog out. Let the dog in. Are you beginning to see a pattern here? And she is very good about letting me know what she wants to do. She puts her nose into my hand and pushes till I pay attention. Then she shows me what she wants. By the way, she is definitely a pack dog. And I am finding it a struggle to remain leader of the pack.
I am moving right along in getting the studio cleaned out and ready for sewing. I am appalled at the amount of stuff(junk) I have collected. And I am amazed  at the amount of time I have taken to figure out what goes, what stays, and where it stays. I must be really slow.


Jahn 'n Style said...

lovely pictures!

Jen said...

Ok, I was going to say that I love the pink on you but then I saw the yellow... LOVE yellow on you!

Happy Tuesday Dear! xo

Amber Blue Bird said...

i can see why you fell in love with QVC blouse, its a beauty. As for the yellow blouse, let me say this.....You need to wear more yellow, it looks brilliant on you.

Ofelia said...

Judy, you look radiant on all of those colors!
My favorite is of course the yellow top because I love yellow and I think it looks great with your hair and skin complextion.

Lorena said...

Oh your dog sure sounds like a handful, must be a distant relative of mine.
I like how you look in purple+yellow - very happy and
spring like.

dressingup-everyday said...

Definitely yellow is the most beautiful color on you, but pink and black are also cute. Your dog is adorable!.

this free bird said...

I am busting up at your dog's face!! Is that a hotdog toy on the window sill *dies laughing*--I have fake mice lying all over the place. My mother is horrified. And Judy I think you are most def the leader of the pack. Your dog just might not know it yet. hehe

ps-that pink top is perfect on you. That shade of pink is your color!!


Judy C said...

To answer a question, the toy is a small hamburger that squeeks. And it is one of only 4 toys left out of the 30 or so I had. No more stuffed toys. I'm not sure how much of the stuffing was eaten.

Mongs said...

Hi Judy you're a sweet lady. You look lovely, of all your outfits my favorite will be the pink one. it makes you look radiant and glowing! Your dog is super cute, the way his ear goes up on one side. Thank you for dropping by my blog and following, following back!


dressingup-everyday said...

thanks for your lovely comments!

SheWhoAccessorizesWell said...

Your dog is darling! I love those expressions. I got a book "Training People" it is a hoot. I think you would like it. Love the purple top. I would have gone for that one too!!