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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Loving this

 This dress is the epitome of elegance to me. After posting some pics of garments from the runway I'd like to recommend this one for the runway instead. Stacy and Clinton talk about enhancing the best features of the body. On the previous post, that was not done. The models had really thin legs and the skirt stopped at the right place to show that. Then the boots covered the lower leg. Just think how much better the outfits would have looked with a nice pair of heels.

This dress has many of the things I love. First the color is wonderful. That color is perfect for my complexion. The fit of the dress would have to wait a while, (100) pounds, but it is a very feminine shape. The pattern is a bit boho which appeals to me in that wearing it wouldn't be following the crowd. So for me, this dress makes a lot of sense.
 I love color. I especially love color on a black background. It makes the colors pop out and gives the outfit some oomph. I don't know where I got the photo but I will promise that if I ever find that fabric or a garment made from that fabric, it will be mine. I have read that wearing black is slimming. Unfortunately, unrelieved black can also be boring. Just thinking of adding all of those colors makes me smile.
The dress at left is not one I could wear. I have never been able to find an appropriately uplifting bra to wear with that sort of dress. I like the style. I like that it is very tropical. And the colors are just wonderful. It makes me think of the tropics and I would wear that fabric as a top and just love it. I have discovered, though, that when I think of tropical I don't think of the type of heat we have been having in the middle of the country. Not even the beauty of this dress could make me feel cool outside in this heat.
 This pic is definitely from someone's blog, and I, again, don't know whose it is. I wouldn't use it but I am so in love with the look presented here that I couldn't help it. The top is really pretty to me. The sweater is fabulous and would enhance just about anything worn with it. And I am so in love with that necklace that if I knew where it came from I would already have one. One thing that I would change about the outfit if I were to wear it is that I can't wear large bulky necklaces down low that way. I have a large bust and it would get lost so I would have to shorten the necklace for me. But this look just rings my chimes.
Do you see the print on this skirt? It isn't black but again, a fairly dark background mixed with the floral is nice. The best part of the print to me is that the flowers aren't all over the fabric. There is plenty of room for that lovely background color to shine through. And the mix of top and bottom with the belt is super.

There are times I truly despair of ever being able to wear things I see and fall in love with. I have never been prone to tearing things apart to see what makes them appealing to me. But now, that is just what I am having to do. While I'm still trying to figure out how to get past my horrific eating habits and drop some weight, I can't wear stuff just because it will go on my body. I've been doing that for maybe 50 years. I've been arguing with my body about size and proportion for at least that long. Right now belts are out. I lament the problem and do nothing about it. But I am learning to be more discerning about the things I really like. And I am trying to include certain aspects of those things into the wardrobe. I am also learning more about things I don't like. Aren't you glad I'll be sharing those things with you too?


Amber Blue Bird said...

I like to see you showcasing clothing that you admire. I cant wait to see you in some of these pieces soon :)

paula devi said...

I love that first red/pink dress. I would widen the neckline and make it a bit lower to open it up a bit. I think it would balance out the length. Super posting.

cheeky curves said...

I love colour, slimming or not, black does not do it for me

dressingup-everyday said...

I'm totaly in love with the first one, it's really fabulous.An awesome piece.

Ofelia said...

I love the first dress shape, color and print.
We can always find something similar in our sizes even though it may take some time and effort.