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Monday, July 11, 2011

Old? No!

Last Thursday I turned 66 years old. It really isn't much different from 65. My grandson turned 2 the same day and my granddaughter was four in May. We all celebrated together with Cathy(daughter) and Eric(son-in-law) and my honey. I wore my top from QVC. I had a super time.

Now that I am 66 I have a few more things to share, having to do with my opinions on things.

I am aware that there is nothing fitted about the top I wore. Maybe that is why I feel so feminine in it. It is made with beautiful fabric and the embroidery is wonderful. I actually feel a little smaller with the top on. So my first opinion is about the importance of fashion, comfort, style, fit, and how well made a garment is. Stacy and Clinton on "What Not To Wear" said if you love the garment and it fits the largest part of you, have the rest altered for a good fit. Yes. I have worn many large garments and let them flutter in the breeze because they cover the girls, the belly, or the butt. A little fine tuning of the garment might have made me wear them more often. Lets say you paid $20 for a simple top. You wear that top a couple of times and discover that just because it covers the bad spots, doesn't mean it looks good on you. That is $10 per wear. Or you take that same $20 top and have it altered for $20 more. That is $40 investment. But because you now love the top and wear it say 20 times a year. That is $2 per wear in one year. And unless you get a total new wardrobe every year, I would bet the cost per wear will keep going down. The bottom line here, however, is not the cost per wear, though that is important. The bottom line is how you feel while wearing the garment. Making it fit well means no pulling, stretching, or riding up. Easy to wear and a good thing all around.

I do not use an inspiration photo to dress myself. One reason is that there aren't many people out there that look like me so I can't tell how an outfit will look by using someone's body in a picture to model it. And likewise, my garments aren't often like those of other women, even my size. So I continue to use the mirror and my camera to tell me what others see when they look at me. It's scary. But I do it. I do love to look at magazines and blogs to see different types of garments. I saw a tunic that a blogger had made and I might have to do something similar. The way she put the colors and patterns together was masterful.

I have discovered that as the population grows older, my patience grows shorter. When driving. And as the population continues to get more and more cell phones to use while driving, I am reconsidering getting a gun carry permit. I talk on my cell phone when driving. Very short things like a call home(speed dial) to ask if I can get anything or to answer if it is one of my kids and I'll call back later. But I really don't understand dialing the phone as you pull out of the driveway. And there is a road near my house that shouldn't allow left hand turns onto the busy street. Especially if the driver is on the phone, and smoking, and drinking a coke. The only reason I don't lose my cool entirely is that I don't have a lot of cool and I can't afford to waste any.

Previously I grouched about check writing at the grocery store. Now I am going to grouch about the store itself. My Kroger has not been open but about 10 years. They have done a couple of resets. That means during those times I couldn't find things I need. So now they have the whole store turned upside down. There are empty aisles. There are aisles that only one buggy can pass through. And absolutely nothing is where it was just 4 days ago. Except the beer. I am going nuts. Actually I am going to another store while this is being finished. Don't they know that as the customers get older we have enough trouble remembering where things were without all of this hubbub?

Last, not least. Isn't it a shame that only hindsight is 20/20?


Style Journey said...

Aww you are so funny! First of all, I love your top. And if you love it and the way it fits you, that's all that matters. Damn what Stacy and Clinton say, right?

And you are cracking me up about the Kroger store. At least you can find the beer?

And I don't think it's an age thing about remembering stuff, I am 33 and I do purse notes to remember stuff, because it's too darn hard to do it all :)

A purse note is a post it stapled to your purse strap in case anyone wants to know.

Birdie said...



How cool to have your grandson born on your birthday!

My grocery store rarely changes and I still can't find anything.

Driving while talking on a cell phone in my province is illegal but a lot of people do it anyway.

The top IS lovely!

Amber Blue Bird said...

you are definitely not old! I totally agree with your thoughts on tailoring pieces to fit you. The price really is worth it. Oh and I cant stand people who use their cell phone when driving...I mean come on its dangerous for you and for the other folks on the road.

Serene said...

Judy, I like that top! A good friend and co worker is 64, and she has told me that one of the things that has changed as she got older is that she's more likely to speak her mind. She doesn't worry near as much about what other people think or upsetting them. I know she's kind and never rude or ugly, she's just lived long enough to realize that what other people think really doesn't matter that much. I'm looking forward more and more to becoming that way. Hopefully I'll make it before I hit my 60s! Happy Birthday Friend! Hugs! ~Serene

dressingup-everyday said...

You are great!. Of course you aren't old, you have many nice things to life by.
Happy Birthday dear!.
XX. Y.

Ofelia said...

Happy Birthday to you and to your grandson!
You look great in this outfit and the memory thing is something we are all going thru. I think there is to much on our plates to remember.

Kish said...

This was a great post! And your gripes are not are speaking some truths that we all can relate to!

(Plus, I totally get what you mean about a revamped Kroger...ours has been remodeled for at least six months and I still can't get with their program!)

Lastly, Happy Belated Birthday!

Jen said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sweetie!! You look fabulous! And not a day over 58! :-)