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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Confused yet?

 Pretty Woman-Wearing the worst jumpsuit I've seen in years. Think the crotch is too low? Why would someone wear something that makes them look fat when they have so many choices?
These are considered celebrities by some and a good reason to avoid New Jersey by me.
What do you think? Would you wear worms? Some designer somewhere thought this was a good idea. Sometimes I think the idea is to get noticed, not to offer good work for viewing. And speaking of viewing, sometimes thin people should avoid bikinis. I got this pic from one of the online rag mags. And there are women on those sites with beautiful figures. But they published this. And last but not least, Kirstie looking the worse for wear. I think it's odd that someone cares so much about their weight that they will go on and on about it and then ignore the things about themselves that they can easily do something about.

I am having a generational melt down. On another blog I saw a beautiful picture of Daya Torres, the amazing 41 year old swimmer in a bikini. She is magnificent. Then there were the put-downs. She doesn't look feminine enough. She shouldn't be considered a role model for anyone. Sorry but I think that is B......... This woman won many Olympic medals and definitely should be a role model. Please, if  you are having a hard time with this concept, remember this is my opinion.

I grew up with a fairly constant understanding of beauty. Unfortunately I have let it be a reason to hate myself. But I haven't been able to totally dump it. I don't wear white shoes after labor day, (or any other day either because I have big feet). I don't wear dark stockings and lighter shoes. (I hate pantyhose.) I have tried to live up to the sexy California Blonde model back when I was younger. Long blonde streaky hair. I have lost track of all of the girls with long blonde hair parted in the middle and hanging to the waist. (extensions have made this one achievable.) I have never had plastic surgery because I can't afford it and I don't know what I would change. But when I was much younger, a rack the size of Texas was not considered beauty. It was considered risque. Of course we went past risque years ago.

I grew up liking to wear clothes that matched. The best thing was to have matching shoes and bag that went with something in my clothing. And hose, panty or otherwise. And heels that didn't make my hamstrings scream. One thing I am glad to see go has come back into style. Hats are my big bugaboo. I have a very large head and cannot find hats that fit. So I haven't missed them. Anyway, this rambling blog is expressing my total confusion with what I think and what I see, being wildly different things.

If I had my way there would be total acceptance of differences. And yet you see that I don't think that way myself. I love the blogs I read and a guilty pleasure is the rag mag stuff. I see designers creating totally unwearable things to put on models that have not one curve. I thought models were supposed to be pretty. I must have missed on that one. I also, in the rag mags see some celebs who have really curvy bodies getting kudos for that. And on the street I see grossly overweight people. Where do I place my role models? I'm just lost.


Jen said...

That jumpsuit? YUCK!

The worm outfit is a double YUCK!

Happy Thursday Dear! xo

Lorena said...

I really do not know where our "role" models have gone.
Before, role models were people doing things correctly, people who had values ...
I understand that things must change, but not the basics!
So, it's ok if the new trend does not match and it brings stripes with flowers and glitter for day time wear. It's acceptable.
What is not acceptable is to base everything on how much you have or how you look. What is not acceptable is to be a skank like Snooki or have a sex tape out like Paris or Kim Kardashian. It only makes you wonder what these people were exposed to while growing up....

Amber Blue Bird said...

yeah any outfit that makes you look like you have just pooped yourself is not a cute look. I want so much to be able to give you some words of wisdom but I cant come up with anything except that I think once you learn to accept yourself the other stuff will fall into place

Serene said...

I get where you're coming from. What always gets me is when a celebrity is lauded for having a "real woman's" figure and she's STILL actually 3 sizes smaller than the average woman. I think Kirstie Alley is an example of just leave the weight alone already. You get to an age where it's not worth it to lose alot of weight (unless your health is in danger)'s more important to just start moving and eat healthier. That jumpsuit was HORRID! Hugs! ~Serene

paula devi said...

All these good & bad comments about celebrities and how they look and how they don't look and what WE should look like is pretty much a pitiful sub-culture. WHo cares what they wear. That jumpsuit is an exception - good god - even the color. All that being said, I follow the rg mags sometimes as well and when I am super bored I google people magzine and spend hours. Even if these women have tons of money, they are still people with pyschological problems they cannot or have a really hard time overcoming. As far as role models - me, I think you should be your own role model. I decided I am mine. (a) I'll never, short of a lottery, be able to afford the clothes I'd love to wear to create "my" style (b) too tired to compete (c) it's not about how we look.
As for you Judy, check yourself out - you are are doing DAMN good just the way you are!

Ofelia said...

All this samples are hideous!
The sense of style, fashion and beuty had change a lot and I think taht I had chnage with it however one thing that irritates me is the fact that women are still putting aech other down.
I love all kinds of beauties and body types and I think that muscles in a women are beautiful!

katOUT said...

avoid jersey shore... yes i think i'd agree with you!!!


Amber Blue Bird said...

came across this quote today:

"You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens."
— Louise L. Hay

Have a grand weekend!

dressingup-everyday said...

I agree with Ofelia: I like all kinds of bodys. The fact is that we must dress according with our body. And I agree with you: hate the plastic surgery and the botox.

AllisonC said...

Argh, I think I am going to have nightmares about the snakey-wormy outfit, it's really frightening!