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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Skinny legs and all

I'm posting a couple of things I don't care for. Knobby Knees is one of them. These outfits are covering all of the body except those Knobby Knees. I believe girls with really skinny legs would be better off with other clothes.


Amber Blue Bird said...

well you certainly tell it like it is. :)

Birdie said...

Ha ha ha!

Then this is for you!

Ofelia said...

I miss the 90's super models that were at least sizes 4 to 6 and had a bit of meat on their bodies!

Lorena said...

I try to avoid anything tight as I do not want to feel or look like a hooker.
The most important is that you like it, that it fits you well meaning no tugging, no pinning, no pulling and that you feel well wearing the garment.
I cannot stand seeing Snookie as she just looks cheap.