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Monday, October 8, 2012

 Autumn. Fall. The colors rock. The leaves aren't coming down here or changing much. Today the weather is wet and in the 50's. I know, not cold compared to our Canadian friends. But even so, it's sort of cool to me. Here in Tennessee the temps go up and down like a jack in the box. At least for Sept and Oct. Just a couple of days ago it was nearly 80. I would have worn my summer stuff and been perfectly comfortable. And I sort of tried. It blew me away how wrong it felt. The turquoise top and light color pants are definitely summery. But I just couldn't do it. It is time for Fall colors. So on they went. I really am stuck in my behavior patterns sometimes.

Also I am enjoying the new jewelry even more now. In the heat of summer I have trouble making myself wear jewelry at all. The weight of it and the way it makes me perspire if it's hanging on me really bothers me. Also, there is something Fall and Winterish about heavy gold pieces. I associate silver more with Summer.

A few things transition well from one season to the next. One of them is red. It seems to work with both Summer and Winter clothes. Black is a Winter color that I wear year round. In the Summer, the companion colors are bright and cheerful-yellows, bright greens, etc. In the Winter, red, purple, gold, etc pop with black. As a whole since my hair has been darkened I have tried to wear more color and not so much black. I don't do scarves but I find if I put a statement necklace in a bright color near the face I look better. And when wearing black, for me, makeup is a must. I have to admit the red necklace has been worn a lot lately because I love red pants. And it's warm like Fall.

I've been wearing a sort of rosy color lately. It isn't rose in that there isn't a blue tinge. It's a warm color and I think it enhances my skin tone which tends to be bland.
Today, I am going to the Marshall's nearby. I loved my visit to TJ Maxx. The items I got will be useful and I'd like a couple more things in good quality. I try to find clothes that work on my body and with my age without being too young. It's  shame my body doesn't look and feel the same age that my mind does. I'd be in jeans and t-shirts. And moccasins. Oh! there I go again. Trying to get to that one hippie wild hair that I've always had.

I appreciate your attention to my ramblings. Bless everyone. And I hope your day is just super.

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Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

I love the red necklace and how it looks with the red pants. Very nice. I know what you mean about the hippy leanings. I remember it fondly. I had the coolest embroidered chambray shirt and jeans. I did the embroidery myself and wore them until they were threadbare.