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Saturday, October 6, 2012

What to do, what to do

I am now in transition. From short to longer, from blonde to browner, from Summer to Autumn, from warm to cooler. And the clothing I have had for warmer temps will be used in the cooler times because of my tendency to be warm all of the time. I'm really in love with the tan and white top. But the sleeves are slit and I think that makes Winter use out. So it will go into the box for next Spring. And I'm thinking of the fun I'll have when I open the boxes for next year.

I'm wearing a necklace that has rhinestones in it. I got it from eBay. It isn't exactly what I wanted but I won't pay what the real thing costs. The next  
time I wear the top I think more color is needed.

Also I'm wearing the mustard color below. It has teal and cinnamon in it. I like the colors and the print. I like the fabric.  I don't have a single pair of pants to wear with it. Navy isn't working well and I have no jeans. Oh well. I'll keep looking.

I've lost a few pounds. Obviously not nearly enough. I'm not pleased. I have a body type that keeps weight around the midsection. I've seen the pics of what it looks like inside and I'm surprised there is enough room for my organs.
I continue to try to keep my eye on the prize. I was very lucky to have registered an A1c rating of 6 on my last blood test. The doctor said that was very good, meaning diabetes well under control. OK. Now I need to take the next step. That is losing more weight while not letting it mess up the diabetes.
I think this might be a little trickier. This week I'm going to try to do a lot of veggies. I haven't been good at putting them into my diet but I really want to drop some more weight and they are good for me.......

I am really missing going to the mountains. I have not been in a couple of years. We stopped going when gas became such a problem. Actually we stopped doing much of anything. I haven't been out to a movie in quite a while. So I've been reading a couple of books on saving money so I can add to the options. I've already started to do a couple of the things in the books. I am wishing to feel peace. Even in short spells.


Lynn Dylan said...

Good for you on the excellent A1c. Isn't it hard to lose weight? When I was younger, I could eat whatever and not gain. Now at 49, I have a layer of fat that won't budge. And some days all I want to do is eat.

Love that beige and white! I wish I could wear that beige and tan color, but it totally washes me out. Sigh.


Shybiker said...

Pretty necklace. I hope you get to see a movie soon.