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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The colors of Fall

A couple of months ago I began a closet purge. I was trying to be realistic about what I would wear and what had to go somewhere. I have a donate pile. I put a few things I love but are too small away for later. And I put my favorite black ballet flats in the trash. I loved them. For four years. Almost every day. So I put what was left in the trash. Anyway, the rest is in my closet. Since I have lost a bit of weight I'm hoping that those things that are snug will fit some time this winter.

Today I am showing a top and black slacks. The top is one I bought and hadn't worn. But I had order one of the bubble necklaces in peach. This is what I got. I thought about returning it(to China) and decided it has a Fall color cast to it so I'm keeping it. I've started hanging my statement necklaces up in the closet where they are more visible with the clothes. And I noticed that the top and the necklace look totally great together. Yesss! I'm pleased that I kept it.
This Autumn I'm trying to use more of my jewelry.  I have always loved jewelry and I'm not a brand snob. In fact, I actually like the handmade, unusual pieces best. I always have. So the statement jewelry trend is one that I am loving. And I got a compliment from a young lady that made it even better.

I mentioned Charming Charlie's. I am including a pic of a bag I recently bought there. The bags I have gotten there are not leather. But the styles and craftsmanship are quite nice. And I pay no more than $40. Nice.
I've been going through some self exams lately. I'm still wondering why I haven't been comfortable with myself. At least not until lately. So I suppose what I'm reading are self-help books. They include styles and they include being more thrifty. I will admit to having had some very strong overspending periods. Lots of them. And I also must admit that when I get interested in having or doing something I will go out and buy everything I can find on the subject.

I decided to learn to crochet. And I am slowly learning. I took a couple of classes but I'm a very solitary person so the rest of the learning process is going to be done here at home. I suspect that would be harder if it weren't for Pinterest and YouTube. Sometimes I don't know what I would do without a computer.

Anyway, this time I did buy a couple of books, a starter kit, and a couple of skeins of yarn. To practice with. And that was all. I'm extremely proud of myself for that. I have tendencies that are sort of compulsive. I see something on Pinterest and I want it. I have actually ordered 2 bags I saw on the site. And i like them. But that is all. The site has a lot of food stuff on it and I'm always wishing I could have some of the sweets. I wish I were less suggestible. And the dogs. The dogs that need homes or have been hurt or are just gorgeous make me want them all. All of them. Every one of them.

The books I've been using to find out why I'm nuts are interesting. I'll share some of the info from them in the future. I have already begun to deal with a few of my foibles. For instance, if something bad happens, I automatically assume the worst will follow and get really stressed. My children are glad that I'm getting a handle on that and don't call them all upset. And I'm glad because it's exhausting.
And I'm also pleased that I can quit buying clothing for a while because I lost some weight and don't try to make my body look better with new clothes. And this planning outfits is more fun anyway.

I'm enjoying the support I have gotten from followers. Thanks.


Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Oh Judy, I can so relate to going out and buying books on whatever I am interested in. That is why I have a library of books! Of course, it is handy when I become interested again in something I was previously obsessed with.
I don't think you are nuts! You are like a lot of us, myself included, who are imperfect, but striving to be better.
I love your top and the necklace! Very pretty colors.

Sheryl Parsons said...

Isn't it fun when you find matching clothing and jewelry, right at home? I have noticed that it seems to all fall into place when buying clothing and creating accessories. Your ensemble is lovely!

Stacey said...

Love the necklace and the color are totally FAB!! I know what you mean about not being able to do things without a computer - I look up recipes and "how to" all the time. :)