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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'm pleased

Don't I look really self satisfied? Don't I look stylish? Well, now we can get back to the looking good for Judy thing. I don't look like the girls that wear the tight jeggings, or leggings, or other leg things. I finally made the crossover to animal print. In my own way. And the second pic is to show that I am still not mixing prints with the leopard shoes.

I am focusing on what I have that I like. These are things that not all folks value but as long as I do, fine by me. For instance. I have a truly wonderful collection of jewelry. I sold my gold stuff for the most part because I didn't wear it. I still have a few precious things but my enjoyment comes from color, design, and uniqueness of the pieces. No I am not saying my stuff is unique. A lot of it came from tv shopping. Not unique. But I think the way I choose to combine the things I have shows uniqueness on my
part. For the necklace I am showing, it is a purchase from eBay that is made of citrine chips. I love it. I ordered it and when it came, I realized that jewelry must fit the outfit. I had
a gold outfit I thought it would work with. But alas, the color of the necklace disappeared when worn with my outfit. And it wasn't the right length. So I put it in the jewelry box and now it works with things I have.

That brings me to the styling thing. I used to get dressed. Or I got dressed up. When I heard the phrase "how I styled" I thought it sounded sort of "precious". But I've learned a thing or two reading the blogs and I think I get it now. Several new words and ideas have come to mean styled. Like Pop. Does it pop? A pop of color. And I realize that the styling is what makes things either pop or not. No, the outfit I have pictured does not pop. But the necklace sort of pops with the outfit.
I imagine that a lot of girls would have worn a number of pieces of jewelry with the simple outfit. And I may do that some other time. However, this time I am sticking with the Simple part of my simple boho style. It works for me.

I'm pleased with the way too many pieces of clothing I have bought this Fall. I used to envy the girls I went to school with when their moms took them out for a new Fall wardrobe. I have forgotten much of the time I spent at home. My therapist said that is a good thing. But one thing I do remember is NOT going shopping for school clothes. I reached almost my full height in the sixth grade and didn't grow much after that except in the bust. A benefit in that I could wear most of my clothes from one year to the next. And I didn't have to face the overwhelming consumerism that many young people think is normal. My tennis shoes were Keds. I carried the same purse all year. And I got a new winter coat every 3rd year. Basic.

I have worked my way through the name brand thing. I know that for a lot of the bloggers it means followers and advertisers when they can show the name brand things in their blogs. But for me, no one I know knows or cares who made my bag, how much I paid for my jewelry, or where my favorite clothes came from. I don't have to keep up with the more serious bloggers. But where I do want to be is with those ladies, young or old, who go their own way and want to be appreciated for their eye for fashion, for their color and style sense, and for the way they want to be present in life. Thanks to the blogs, we have an arena. A nice one.


Amber said...

You look so happy in these pictures and that just makes my heart smile! I absolutely 100% love your outfit. I dont have the guts to wear leopard pants (I've tried a pair on but they looked terrible on me), but my gosh you pull them off without a hitch and the necklace totally "pops" :) Brava!

Birdie said...

You are looking great!

Crazy Ravens Studio said...

Hey there, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love these animal print pants. I also love the fact that you have chosen to find your own path to fashion. I am immensely cheered by all the older women who have decided to become visible and have fun with their outfits. The blogs have given me courage and ideas.

Lisa said...

Hi, Judy. I've finally found you! I always appreciate your comments on my blog. I think I must have stopped by one of your other blogs before, I must have missed this one.
You look so pretty in your black with leopard print. Lovely.

Megan Ann said...

You look FAB! I loving the leopard :)

xo, Megan
indie flower