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Monday, March 18, 2013

Another day and another and another

Spring is springing. I'm totally over the heaviness of Winter. Sweaters are just not my thing. I do have some sweaters I like but they wouldn't be my first choice of things to wear.

This Spring I want to feel pretty. I'm finally getting the hair where I want it. That's a big one for me(another post). I'll be 68 in the summer. I couldn't wear the shoes at left on a bet but they sort of show what I mean by pretty. Girly. Feminine. Womanly. Maybe even nicely sexy. They say Spring is the time when a young man's thought turn to sex, or something like that. Well I guess that one testosterone blip on my radar makes me want to look desirable and yes, pretty. My honey says he thinks I'm pretty. But you know, as much as I appreciate that, I want to think that too. And in heavy clothing on top of a heavy body, I'm just not feeling it.
 The one thing I've been in love with this year is lace. I'm always up for something shiny. And florals are a love of mine if done the right way. I love Asian influences in fashion and I think the fabrics of India and the Orient are fabulous. I'm so in love with Boho. I'm in love with softness, simplicity, and then there is jewelry. What a mixed bag I'm trying to fill!

The bag at right I saw on pinterest and I'd love to have one with cutout designs. But right not the treasury is so bare I'm selling some of the bags I have. And I've decided I have ADD when it comes to focus on a single trend. For instance. I'm a polka dot fan and a stripe fan and a simplicity fan. That means I won't be wearing polkadots with stripes. Etc .

And as for florals, for me they must be big. I'm big.
Shannon of Shannon Hearts blog is wearing the prettiest floral top I've seen in a long time. I have a cardigan that is similar and I'll be wearing it on the cool Spring days. But then I won't look like this because she is stunning no matter what she wears. I hope she won't mind me showing this pic of her. Anyway, the floral is not the tiny all over print that looks so cute on young and tiny girls. On me it just looks like Granny fashion. Yes I am a Granny. But I don't want to look like that is all I am. Shannon's top is sort of Boho, sort of simple, and really pretty. And that is where I want to be. I find that when I wear something I think is pretty off of me, I feel pretty in it.

Now that I have done pretty to death I want to tackle the other part of another day.

Since I have previously said I'm broke, I'm going to have to find ways to do pretty this Spring without spending a lot of money. Or any money. I have a house full of stuff. I'd planned to donate some of it and still will do so. But I'm rethinking how I might use some of the things I have in different ways. I'm following a lot of pinterest DIY boards. I'm looking into the online ideas. A new challenge for another day and another......


Emalina said...

Ooh wow what wonderful springy things! I love the shoes and the bag especially! Isn't it lovely to start bringing out the white clothes at the onset of spring, after months of dark clothes and dark days. What a cheering post :)

Stacey said...

I too cannot wait for Spring - I love that blouse as well!!

Ofelia said...

I love to wear lots of prints and even more color during Spring! It just feels right to be one with the colors that nature brings.