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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

There comes a time.

Have you ever spent too much money and had to make it up somehow? I'm stuck with huge tires to buy and a bridge to pay for and I'm broke. I guess that is just about normal for most of the folks in the US. But it scares me. I've been scared of a lot of things in my life and running out of money and having no way to support myself is not fun. Social security is not a  huge help.

Anyway, I've also been afraid of listing and trying to sell things on ebay. I don't know why. It could just be that fear of failure thing that has haunted me all of my life. One of the reasons I've overbought is  no self esteem. Fix it with a new purse. Yeah, that's it. Well folks, not too good on a fixed income. So now I have to get myself out of a big hole I made. First will come dental insurance. Next will come a large sale on ebay. This first item is actually an expensive leather bag. I loved it. Just like I have loved all of the other things I have overspent on. So today, Wednesday the Thirteenth of March I listed. I finally listed. And I need luck. Lots of it.

I'm also going to be going through my coupons and other things to save me money. It's necessary to work myself up to a fairly steady income. Nothing huge but I'd love to pay off a couple of things and to put some away. Rain happens a lot here, it seems.


Olga Rani said...

I'm afraid it happens to me rather often. I spent all the money on something I like and then have to be really thrifty until the next salary and that's what I don't like...

Megan Mae said...

Wishing you lots of luck. I've had to do that myself lately. I have a pair of shoes up there now that I paid exorbitant amounts for, and now that I'm broke, I can't justify letting them sit in my closet when I have tons of shoes, and that pair hasn't been worn at all, and the money would just be so much nicer.

I just hope I can recoup some of what I spent.