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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hair today, Hair tomorrow

 Hair is and always has been my go to feel good thing. Mom was a sort of hairdresser. We had a shop in the basement of our house. But she did mostly older friends and wasn't into innovation. Except when it came to me.

Short- Mom's preferred look for me. I swear her fingers itched to grab the scissors whenever she looked at me. I suppose that is part of the reason why I'm always changing my hair. When the hair is short, I want it longer and vice versa.

Then there is color. All of them. I have not been pink like Helen Mirren. And it looks great on her. I haven't been black. But I've been just about everything else. Mom tried out new colors on me. And some worked and some didn't.

Then there was the time I got into the hot tub with a new hair color and got out looking like Kermit. That was fun.

Short hair has long been touted as right for older women. And I've been short often. As a young wife, I cut my hair with a razor into a very very short style and for a long time it was perfect. We lived in South West Florida. Heat and humidity hung in the air like a veil of smoke and it was nice not to have to deal with long frizzies. But as usual, change was on the horizon.

In a misguided attempt to appeal to my husband, I grew out my hair. Thinking that long hair, and especially long blonde hair was a turn on for men, that is what I wanted. However, given my skill with hair color at the time, instead of flowing long blonde hair I got frizzies and broken and split ends. 
 So as the older version of me I've been through many transitions. When I was pregnant, my hair grew like a house afire. (I'm Southern) And when Cathy, the baby, was born, it was natural color and just about 6 inches above my waist. I loved it but we lived at the lake and it never seemed to dry in the summer. Always a problem, right?

And guess what happened in the 80's. Curly perms. And blonde. And blonde curly perms. And more frizz. And more frizz.

Then the ultimate betrayal-gray hairs. There weren't many at first. And the old wives' tale is wrong. When you pull out one you don't get two back. But they do multiply. Better than I did in math class.
Color is always the answer if you want to cover gray. I'd love to have white hair but alas, my hair looks like really dirty dark blonde when natural so I color it. I went to the hairdresser for a while and got foiled. I liked it but the cost got to be too much so back to the drawing board(yes I recognize a cliche when I use it). After jumping on the self color merry-go-round  I have decided I like blonde. Very blonde. So I'm making myself very blonde. The pic at left is sort of a medium color. I don't feel like a medium person. It doesn't work for me.

And I tried a fairly dark brown. I loved the color. But not on me. It truly was a great brown. For someone.

I've been going to Sally's Beauty Supply for my hair stuff lately. I'm using Wella products and I like the color and the way it feels.
Here is a pic of the length I think I want. I think. So I'm headed that way. I think. Right.


Olga Rani said...

Interesting story of your "hair adventures" :) And I see you have an interesting collection of jewelry.

Ofelia said...

I enjoyed reading about your hair-history and I also enjoyed seeing all of your accessories!

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, how I can relate to your hair woes!
I am naturally dark brown. Used to be curly/frizzy, but after many years of coloring am just now frizzy. The flat iron is now a close friend. I feel best at a light blonde too. I preferred to be professionally highlighted with foils and my hair thanked me profusely, but my pocketbook did I'm back to doing it myself. I was in a dilemma about whether to cut again or grow...hubby likes it "long and blonde" so we'll go with that for now.