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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's freakin' Spring

 We all have them. Sometimes there is just a couple of days but it still feels like a week. I'm sure if I counted there wouldn't be so many days but at this point every day feels like a week.

It's freakin' Spring. Spring has sprung. At least it has somewhere. But not here. It snowed yesterday and melted. And it snowed last night and melted. And it snowed this morning. And melted. And it's freakin' Spring. Are you getting my drift here.(no pun intended)

It has been one of those weeks. I was going to get out some warm weather clothes. I've been itching to go to the stores and buy some lightweight and light color things to remind myself that it's Spring. Granted, snow is a light colored thing but that isn't going to do the trick. After doing the truly broke thing I can't afford a lot of Spring stuff anyway. So I suppose there is a silver lining to the snow clouds.

At least I can look forward to seeing my baby girl. She and her husband and kids will visit me this weekend. They live in Florida and they are doing the visit thing this week. I'm really looking forward to seeing the Grandkids. But. I'd love to have a warm sunny day to be outside with them. Instead of a back yard of good ole Tennessee red clay to be tracked in by the dogs. I should be cleaning and getting ready for their visit. I should.


Birdie said...

I am wishing you and early Spring and a wonderful time with your family. xo

Stacey said...

I am right there with you - muddy paw prints - aren't they best? :) Hope you have a great visit and that you share some pics with us!!

Ofelia said...

Spring is here but the temperatures are in the 40-50's degrees which makes no sense for this time of the year!!!!

Pk Hrezo said...

Enjoy your family time! And you know what, it's even cold down in FLA!! So crazy I've never seen it freezing in late March before!