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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Going away

Friday morning before the crack of dawn I'll be heading out to visit the new grandbaby and his parents and sister. It is a 9 hour trip during which I usually listen to books on CD. It keeps me awake. But at any rate I'll be away for 4-5 days. I will miss my computer. I never thought an inanimate object would be such a large part of my life. But this blogging thing and the super people and the things I've learned have become a big part of my day.

A bunch of things are coming up now. Memories of my childhood, and my children as babies. I loved having them and being a mother has been the best thing I ever did. I am an only child and thank goodness I had 3 children. So I am enjoying my memories of the kids and will have a few pics of the newest when I get back from my trip. What a joy it is that they are all well.


Tabitha Corsica said...

Big, healthy babies just make everything seem right. Go and give that new one a big hug and kiss from me. I need a "baby fix"...

Nothinglikeit said...

Mmmmm... baby fix. Tabitha is right. Don't you just love the way they smell! I bet once you lay your eyes on the little one you'll completely forget about that silly computer!
Have a great trip!


artistamyjo said...

Have a wonderful visit, aren't babies grand!