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Friday, July 31, 2009

Hello today.

I'm sitting inside this week. I am loving the weather. It's raining again, and I am truly grateful. The summer before last we had a drought and were 14+ inches down on rainfall for the year. The temps were often 100+. This year, lots of rain and temps in the 80's. Again I am surprised at how much the weather affects me. As I said I stay in. I need to grocery shop. Not what I would prefer to do in the rain. But the animals are really low on food. In fact, now, instead of begging, they are becoming mean, sort of. Of course I get mean when I am hungry too. So today, off to the store in the rain. Fun?

The Creagers have listed an amazing set of dolls on ebay. The latest in their wonderful productions features 2 dolls and lots of purchases for the lady. Their talent and ability is amazing.

I hear that the Halloween holiday is fast approaching and I haven't done anything to get ready for it. I used to hate Halloween because I saw it as a time for jerks to do bad things and maybe get away with it. But having gone to many of the blogs about Halloween I am finding myself seeing the fun of it. I personally must have some fantasy in my life or I go bonkers. And at 64 years old and ++++ pounds bonkers is not an attractive look for me. So I am so pleased to have the blogs to remind me of the other world.

I am wondering if I have a boring life. I got a laptop yesterday. I feel as if someone has given me the world. Computers do open up to a whole different world but this is ridiculous. I already have a computer. Oh, well, maybe I'm just easy to please.

This weekend I was planning to go to garage sales and look for mini stuff and for fabrics, etc. It's raining.

Hello today. Judy

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