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Friday, July 3, 2009

This one has to last.

We took another trip Wednesday to the Cherokee National Forest. My honey goes back to work Monday after being laid off for quite a spell. However we still had to go back to the mountains and we took the opportunity to enjoy nature. It had rained there so the road wasn't dusty. The water was it's usual clear cool perfection. We looked for crawdads, fish, etc. Found a large number of what we call sucker fish in one section of the river. Actually there are 3 rivers that we enjoyed and again went to Green Cove Lake.

I was having a wonderful time when I discovered a rock to sit on. Unfortunately I didn't examine it well enough. I sat down and promptly fell right over. On my side. Hand in the water. Thank goodness Brian was there to drag me up. I hate being this out of shape. Then later I was taking some pics and went to step back over a fallen tree and this time fell flat on my face. I thought I'd broken both myself and the camera but thank goodness nothing was broken. The camera and I were both scraped and I was to become sore everywhere. So now I'm nursing my wounded pride and lots of sore spots. Oh well, back to exercising next week.

I was able to pick up a piece of vine and some other odds and ends of moss, etc. I want to use them on my dolls and the witch house I'm hoping to build. I know they need to be dried out. That is going to be hard because they are so pretty I can't help watering them. I would like a terrarium I think. Anyway I am going to try to use some of the stuff and will point out things as I work. As I said Brian will be back at work Monday and I will work more here. I seem to want to do things with him when he is home.

I'll explain one pic. There were two wire ropes across the river and he just had to try them. Nuff said.

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