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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Out there

My thoughts are out there all over the place. My baby daughter is in Jacksonville, Fl.(I'm not in Jacksonville)and she is in the hospital right now having a baby boy and I am not there though my whole mind is there. The lovely son-in-law has been texting me and so I feel as if I know mostly what's happening. Kingston, my grandson, is to be born today, and it is my 64th birthday. That being said, it is even more unusual because I had my son on my mother's birthday. So that is quite a big deal to me. But all I seem to think about right now is if my daughter and the baby are OK. What I would really like would be to have a video feed right to my tv or computer. Wow. I am nervous. And I am praying for a good outcome with all of my soul.

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Tabitha Corsica said...

I'll join you in the prayer, Judy.