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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I broke down and purchased the DVD of Coraline yesterday. I watched it and fell in love. There are some really interesting figures in it and there are some dark parts. I got 3D glasses with it and I'm going to watch the 3D version today. What a kick! I haven't seen a 3D movie in years and years and now it's coming back. During my formative years about horror movies the Blob kept my feet off the floor in the theater. Someone let 3 birds loose in the theater during the Hitchcock movie The Birds, and I screamed with everyone else at the creature from the Black Lagoon. I loved the Dracula movies and the monster flicks like the ones from Japan. All in all, compared with today's films, they were great for the time. Except for the part about killer tomatoes.

So today I am really enjoying the fantasy and horror stuff. Not the slice and dice stuff that my honey loves. I like the imaginative Potterish stuff. I'm not scared to go into the water. I am not stupid enough to walk through a dark and nasty part of town alone at night, let alone the deep woods.

I think the things that scare me now are the scary things that really could happen. Madmen, serial killers, bombings, nuclear stuff, etc. are all real enough horrors in our world. These things send me back to the fantasy world in a hurry. Judy

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nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Judy. Thank you for visiting my blog with your best wishes for Michael. He is having further tests today.
I have not seen this film but think i will hire it from the dvd shop to watch.
I find horrs movies scarey but i agree there are more horrors out there in the real world.