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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

But not today

Drat. I so wanted to be able to continue the posting of some of my outfits. But the cold of my century laid me low. I not only don't feel like taking pics. I don't feel much like getting dressed. I am much better today. But that is still not back to normal by a long shot.

I've looked back at some of the posts and I am learning some stuff. First, I know how to turn on the camera and make it wait till I get into the picture. And I know how to get it to stay on the dollar tripod I thrifted. Luck counts dontcha know? And I know how to take some pics other than the stand there and look dumb shots. Those are what I usually do. Sometime between the pushing of the button and getting settled in front of the camera, I forget what I had planned to do.

I tend to take everything at face value. If a lot of women are wearing skirts or jeans, shirts, cardi's belted and boots, then I suppose I should be wearing them too. Yeah right. It does give me a visual to shoot for. But I have gotten far more from the blogs I read than that. I have actually learned to put myself into the vision and see how I would look in that outfit. And make adjustments to that outfit to make it work for me. Or I can now visualize the clothes I have on me better and tell more about what works and what doesn't. Wow is that ever big. It means I am going from a person who purchased clothing just because it would go on to a person with some ability to pick and choose. What a savings that will be for me in the long run. So, now I am going to go back and lay down and continue trying to get over the cold. Then we'll see.

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Lorena said...

I love reading your comments!
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you get rid of tha cold soon.