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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We need grass seed

I am going to Lowe's today. For grass seed. It seems Spring has come, sort of. It's still cool but supposed to be in the 60's today. Yipeeeeeee!

I'm wearing my old standby slinky stuff. But I saw a green necklace on HSN on one of the hosts and she was wearing it with black pants and a black button down collared shirt. I went bonkers over it. Jumped on ebay and purchased a similar(much less expensive)necklace. And in other colors. But of course I don't have a tiny figure, nor a button down black shirt. At a loss I decided to hang onto it because it is pretty. Well, after the blogging thing started I saw other bloggers (thank you) taking inspiration from looks they like and using them in their own way. So I finally decided to try that. You see, the pants, top, sweater, and necklace are all from HSN and have been purchased on sale over the last few years. I simply saw the pants, thought of the necklace and went from there. See, I finally did it. I came up with a way to wear the terrific green in my own way. Hot dog.

And I am going to continue to scour the blogs for color combos that I like. Ari Smith Cohen had a teal/gold, teal/yellow combo on The Sartorialist that looks like a super season spanner. And I would love to find that option in my closet. Must delve deeper. Or----buy. Gulp. The combo could slide into turquoise and yellow for deep summer. All using seasonless things. Wouldn't that add to the options.

All in all, I am glad to be back in the land of the living after the horrendous cold I had. I can remember when getting over illness or injury was no big thing. Well no more. And I have decided that on the days I don't look decent enough to photograph I can at least post some of the spectacular jewelry and purses that I have. After all, I did blow a lot of money on the stuff. Now I need to learn to photograph jewelry.

Happy Spring everybody. I am overjoyed to see the last of the 20's.


Lorena said...

Happy beginning of Spring !
I had no idea about Alice, thank you for the enlightment.
I like the way you tied the greens together...!

Donna said...

Grass seed does indeed signal the beginning (faintly) of Spring. The necklace is great and you styled it just right.

Sherrie said...

I like how you do colorful posts. Your colors today are my favorite. I am a spring person... so perfect. Glad you liked my spaceship/fondue pot/plant pot. Opinions and suggestions are coming in. I'll let you know the verdict. Have a good day.