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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cold and Windy outside but.........

Inside I am dressed to go out. And I am not leaving the house till late afternoon. For a really short time. This time when the weatherperson said there would be wind advisory it actually happened. And I'm not complaining. There is not a bit of snow on the ground. So it definitely could be a lot worse.

I still have my cold but for the most part meds are doing a good job. I was able to get out to the movie yesterday. The Black Swan is a terrifically acted, terrifically produced and terrifically intense movie. It isn't the sort of film that makes me leave the theater grinning. It is definitely a movie that is a contender for the drama awards. Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis were terrific, stunning. It is so nice to go out when the movie is good and the weather isn't offensive. So of course I took no pics. I'm not used to this photographing everything.

Today, as I said, I am dressed to go out. All I have to do is add a coat and I am ready to move. However, not till later. I have on my staples, brown slinky slacks, walmart sweater. This sweater is not a sweater but a knit top made cardi fashion. It washes like a dream and I also have it in black. I'm wearing a top I got a Dress Barn. Exciting huh? They actually have some cute plus size things and the plus size market here isn't good. The shoes are xhileration ebay. The jewelry is some Avon, Lane Bryant, HSN, and jewelry store. I spent so long changing sizes that jewelry was the focus because it doesn't shrink.

I sometimes wonder what I am doing by dressing up on a day I won't be seeing anyone. But you know, I do feel better. I feel more free because if I do go out I won't need to hide. And because the mirror tells me I look pretty good. Yeah!


Ariel Maile Adkins said...

I definitely agree with you--sometimes I get dressed just to stay in because it puts me in a better mood :) Stay warm!

Lise Marie said...

But WE got to see you and you look fabulous!! Your hair looks good and I love the shoes also.

Also, thanks for your comments, they really brightened my day!

Lorena said...

Get dressed for yourself ! that way you will feel EVEN BETTER.
I have heard good reviews on that movie and your comment makes me want to go see it -