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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday, monday

It was so warm last week that I think I am seeing the last of the cold. And of course the first of the allergies. How the heck am I supposed to know the difference?

The outfit I am wearing is the result of the attempt to change my wardrobe some. The shirt came from ebay with a sleeveless sweater to match. I adore the color. The sweater absolutely positively doesn't fit. The shirt is a little snug but as I said, I love the color. And the cami type shirt under is a buy from the thrift store orig by Liz Claiborne. I never wore sleeveless things because of the upper arms looking so bad. But with a blouse it worked out well. Anyway. I love the color. I have some ebay jewelry on and I'm satisfied with the outfit. On the lower half nothing is happening. Nothing. Until I can come up with some reason to photograph my belly and butt the nether region will remain a mystery.

In puppyville, Cheyenne continues to grow. She is a great big rambunctious pooch so this week it is to the store for a leash and collar. Then walkies. Good for both of us. You notice I didn't say we were going for a pull. She and I will work that out. I refuse to chase a dog. Actually I'm so out of shape I couldn't chase a dog if my life depended on it. So we will work it out.

This week also we are to have cool weather and some rain. I'm going to start scouting out good places to take pics so I don't bore anyone to death. I life in perhaps the most beautiful part of the USA. There will be pictorial proof soon.


Lorena said...

CAn't tell the shirt is snug- that pastel color really livens you up, very well worn :)

Donna said...

That color is fabulous on you and I love the necklace.

Judy C said...

I'm totally into spring colors now. I could look at that blue all day.