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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello, It's me

I have to apologise. My computer is shared with my sigother, a really cute guy who loves to play computer games, morning till night. So sometimes, if I am really slow to get the pics onto the computer it means he beat me to it.

In the pics today I am showing a top I got at Kohls and haven't worn. I like the color combo though I do think it is a bit messy. I also think it is a bit tight. So with the sweater from ebay over it, I'm happy. I included a jewelry group. The bracelets I made myself. The rings are bought inexpensively and I don't remember where. I'm not too attached to the outfit. I have to fight myself sometimes to know whether it's the outfit I don't like, the way I look in it, or the fat that I still hate. And I have certainly discovered that when I am not smiling in pics, I look mad. I have to pay attention to that.

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