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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This is a brown day.

The sun is hiding again. Still. And I was going to do something a little dressier but today is a going to the dump day. Forget pearls. No dressing up. Brown. Actually I have wanted to wear the top for a long time. It is a bunch of pretty colors and I love it. So today I put it on with brown. After all it is dump day.

Get a load of the hot truck I am standing in front of. It is a Ford 250 diesel with running lights. It is technically his but I am driving it today. Power and more power. Big. Just getting in is a challenge. And it makes me feel great. Until I have to put the thing into a parking spot. Or pay for diesel fuel. Talk about a way to be brought down to earth.


Donna said...

The top is really cute...livens up the trip to the dump!

Judy C said...

For some reason I was having a yellow day when I saw it. Happy color.