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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ah, today.

I painted yesterday. When I look at some of the works that others do I find myself wanting to paint away mistakes. But anyway I painted. Base coated the figures I already put into the oven. I have tried to use pastels on unbaked figures but I think it takes a while to learn. So more practice ahead. Today I work on painting again. I have finally found that it is really fun to paint the figures but layering makes it even better. I repainted Winifred some and she looks a lot better now. And my weird bird figure needs a name so I'll know how to paint him. Had a lot of fun with Mortimer North the dead dandy. I am in love with him. But I can't tell him. I realize the poor guy has no ears. Another thing to figure out today.

It is juicy outside. That is what one newscaster in our area calls the high humidity we have right now. Since I hate to sweat, I'm staying in. What a good excuse to go to the studio and work. Also the wonderful new CD's I got, Loreena McKennitt, Nox Arcana, Enigma, etc. are helping to make the room feel welcoming. It's amazing what a little music can do.

Summer is upon us and I am going to head for the woods as soon as possible. I want to look for mosses, sticks and wood pieces to use in sculpting. I have heard that it is best to dry everything and bake wood to get all of the bugs out. So that is on the list of things to do too. Nikki is making a witch house. I want a house so that is on the agenda and I would like to have some natural things to include in it. I think the house will come first and then the figures to go into it. I get excited every time I think about it. A whole other world for me to enter when this one isn't so good.

As always I appreciate the people who blog here and love and blessings to you all.


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nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Judy. Sounds like you have been really busy and i love all your plans and ideas. Your sculptures sound like they are coming along great. Will look forward to you showing them.
Sounds great your ideas of looking for wood and natural materials in the woods.
Because of this i'll go and do a blog posting for you to see the house of my dreams. I've seen this house at a few shows and my friend Debbie from tiny Treasures is so in love with it. The lady that made it is really lovely too.
You were talking about using pastels on unbaked clay. I dont know much but what i did discover was to use a very soft brush like a watercolour brush or soft make-up brush. I built up the colour in several stages with hardly anything on the brush. A lot of people are using genesis heat set paints but i dont really know much about them. Perhaps there may be a tutorial somewhere.
I'll go and do the blog post for you.
Nikki x