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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Edward is a symptom

I have posted pics of Edward Elf on this blog. Edward is my homage to the need for more fantasy and more joy in my life. I used to have it. Years ago. I was painting, sculpting, making jewelry, and was firmly in touch with my spiritual side. I had several wonderful albums of music I listened to and enjoyed the feeling of floating away when I heard them. The creative side of me cranked up and I felt I could do anything. I had not been crafting and painting to make money but to make me happy. I did try to sell a few things but only half-heartedly. And guess what. You don't get anywhere using half a heart.

The money crunch hit me about 9 years ago and I had to go to work outside the home. When I got home I had no time to listen to my music and to get into the mood to create because there were things to do and I was completely worn out. Penny pinching was not one of my favorite things to do. I just wanted to come home, sit down, and zone out. I hated working. Actually I hated the job I had for the last 6 years of working. I don't handle boredom well and the job was so dumb a monkey could do it. I was terminated for sleeping on the job. But I just couldn't stay awake in a 78 degree office where I worked on the computer all day and only had a half day's work to do. Anyway, the termination was the best thing that could have happened except for the drop in income. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

In December I had already cleaned out the rooms that had been covered with piles of stuff(crap), and I was wanting to do something. I picked up the paintbrushes that were 12 years old and the paints which had hardened some. I noticed that my vision had changed. What I saw back then is not what I am seeing now. And then I discovered blogging is much more than writing a few words. I am not always wordy and some of the comments I leave are short. So the first attempts at blogging were not so great. However, the world opened up. I began to go to blogs from all over the world, and soon discovered that we all have things in common. Check out family websites. All the same no matter what the language.

With a great big, but quiet, bang I discovered the artists on the blogs. I have learned how to find other artists and how to access other blogs and have discovered some of the nicest(Nikki) people in the world. I have developed a great affection for many people I haven't seen and a great sense of gratitude for all of the bloggers. I have learned more about myself in the process. I really am growing. I ordered some CD's(Amazon has used ones) and gotten a few more supplies and I feel good for the first time in 10 years. I can walk outside and be grateful for the beauty of my area. I can go to my studio and feel grateful that I saved so much of the stuff I had back then. I think all things are happening as they should and much of the credit goes to the artists on the blogspot. Thank you!!!!!!


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

This is a lovely blog post Judy and from the heart.
I'm so glad you are working in your studio and feeling happy doing so.
Working on any art form always brings pleasure even when we make mistakes. We can learn from the mistakes and gain even more joy from that.
Its all a learning game i think and its lovely you can share it with everyone else here in blogland.
The smaller pleasures are better in life than wealth and no matter how much you have being content can't come anywhere near the rest.
I will look forward to seeing what you carry on creating and look froward to your finished sculpts.
You studio is looking lovely and has lots of charm.
Best wishes... Nikki x

The Ice Queen said...
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The Ice Queen said...

(sorry...I terribly messed up the grammer on the above post...) is a journey, isn't it? And one is never sure which path to take. You just need to recognize the opportunities as they present themselves and know that without some of the not-so-great, we might not appreciate the wonderful. Keep creating! It's the best therapy...

Susan (aka Tabitha)

JODI said...

Art and the creative side always finds a way back to your heart. It can be pushed down for years but at the moment when you really need comes to you (as it really never left) and awakens the introduces you to many joys including some of the best people out there living on the earth...
Glad your journey is becoming joyful...